What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS), providing standards for how a modern organisation should manage their data and information.

An ISMS is a collection of policies and procedures that contains the legal, physical and technological controls necessary to manage an organisation's information risk management process. It guarantees that a business or organisation knows its strengths and limitations and that the information and data they hold is more secure.

Do I need ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is essential for monitoring, evaluating, maintaining and developing a business's information security management system, it will also undoubtedly create more trust and confidence in customers throughout their interactions with a business.

ISO 27001 is also an ultimate security feature for industries, such as IT, Accountants, Education, Finance, Hospitality and Retail. Learn more about different industries and their features.

What is the differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

ISO 27002 is intended to serve as a guide for selecting security controls throughout the process of establishing an ISO 27001-based Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Why is ISO 27001 certification important?

ISO 27001 certification indicates that a business or company, such as GoCloud's security, has established a strong Information Security Management System (ISMS) to safeguard sensitive customer, client and supplier information. This certifies that the business is secure for both the company's employees and customers.

Businesses are able to obtain an ISO 27001 certification, but not ISO 27002.

What are the benefits of having an ISO 27001 certificate?

Having a ISO 27001 certificate within a business or company can create numerous benefits towards both the company and the customers.

Improves competitive edge - Along with helping you show strong security procedures, ISO 27001 certification also offers you a proven marketing advantage over your competitors, as it certifies that the business is secure for both the company's employees and customers.

Enhances and protects your business and its reputation - ISO 27001-certified ISMS safeguard your business from risks, such as cyber assaults, and show that you have taken the required precautions, reducing catastrophic financial and reputation consequences.

Improved data security - Through implementation of an ultra-secure data management system, businesses are able to  learn about their personal security environment and the latest digital defence methods.

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