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10 great reasons to join GoCloud

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    FREE Customer Demo Suite

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    FREE Application Testing Assistance

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    FREE 24/7 Technical Support (Premium Only)

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    FREE White Label Marketing Tool Kit

  • 5

    Isolated Citrix Farm or Windows Environment

  • 6

    Full Control Over Windows or Citrix Environment

  • 7

    No Upfront Investment or Fees

  • 8

    No Ongoing Reseller Fees

  • 9

    No Minimum Financial Commitment or Quotas

  • 10

    Run Legacy Applications on Hosted Desktops

grow your revenue

GoCloud's virtual hosted desktop gives you a great opportunity to resell cloud solutions under your own name and using your own branding.

Keep your customers. Grow your revenue. Increase your profits. GoCloud's Partner Programme can provide you with all the tools you need to compete in the cloud computing market.

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Discover the GoCloud opportunity

Learn how you can quickly grow your business by joining the GoCloud Partner Programme today. Free setup. No commitment.

Virtual Hosted Desktop
our hosted desktop

Benefit from offering your clients one of the most configurable and secure hosted desktop solutions available in the UK today.

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Cloud Desktop Resellers
earn as a reseller

GoCloud work exclusively with IT and telecoms resellers. We never sell direct to end clients, meaning we are committed to your success.

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End User Benefits
End user benefits

Discover how your your clients can benefit from an industry standard cloud solution, co-designed by HP and hosted in UK data centres.

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Unparalleled reseller support

GoCloud partners benefit from an extensive range of marketing resources and sales support to ensure their success as a hosted desktop reseller.

Sales Support
White Label Marketing
GoCloud Academy

From Prospecting to Pitching

Your dedicated GoCloud Account Manager will be on hand to assist you in all aspects of the sales process, from generating new business leads through to designing your clients' solution.

By selling exclusively through IT resellers, the GoCloud team are 100% dedicated to the success of our partners.

sales support
Reseller Support

Hit the Ground Running

After registering as a GoCloud Partner you will receive a range of high quality white label sales and marketing tools, already branded with your company's logo and colour scheme - free of charge.

The level of support we provide our partners truly sets us apart and makes GoCloud the UK hosted desktop provider of choice.

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White Label Marketing

Fast Track to Success

The GoCloud Academy is your guide to reseller success, offering you the quickest route to learning the skills and techniques that will help you make your first sale, and continue to make sales.

The GoCloud Academy will guide you through every step of the sales process - no past experience is required to succeed as a reseller.

Partner Academy
GoCloud Academy