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Hosted Desktops for it resellers

No.1 dedicated UK hosted desktop provider to IT resellers - start growing your business today!

Hosted DesktopHosted Desktop Provider

GoCloud remote desktop hosting provider features

  • 1

    FREE Customer Demo Suite

  • 2

    FREE Application Testing Assistance

  • 3

    FREE 24/7 Technical Support (Premium Only)

  • 4

    FREE White Label Marketing Tool Kit

  • 5

    Isolated Citrix Farm or Windows Environment

  • 6

    Full Control Over Windows or Citrix Environment

  • 7

    No Upfront Investment or Fees

  • 8

    No Ongoing Cloud Desktop Reseller Fees

  • 9

    No Minimum Financial Commitment or Quotas

  • 10

    Run Legacy Applications on Hosted Desktops

grow your revenue reselling Cloud Hosted desktops

GoCloud's virtual hosted desktop gives you a great opportunity to resell cloud solutions under your own name and using your own branding.

Keep your customers. Grow your revenue. Increase your profits. GoCloud's Partner Programme can provide you with all the tools you need to compete in the cloud computing market.

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Ready to resell virtual hosted desktops?
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Discover the cloud desktop provider opportunity

Learn how to quickly grow your business by joining the GoCloud hosted desktop Partner Programme today. Free setup. No commitment.

Hosted Desktops
our hosted desktop

Benefit from offering your clients one of the most configurable and secure virtual cloud desktop solutions provided in the UK today.

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Cloud Desktops
earn as a reseller

GoCloud work exclusively with IT and telecoms resellers. We never provide direct to end users, meaning we are committed to your success.

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Virtual Desktops
End user benefits

Discover how your your clients can benefit from an industry standard cloud solution, co-designed by HP and hosted in UK data centres.

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Hosted VoIP & desktop provider support

GoCloud partners benefit from an extensive range of marketing resources and sales support to ensure their success as a cloud VoIP & desktop reseller.

Sales Support
White Label Marketing
GoCloud Academy

From Prospecting to Pitching

Your dedicated GoCloud Account Manager will be on hand to assist you in all aspects of the sales process, from generating new business leads through to designing your clients' solution.

By selling exclusively through IT resellers, the GoCloud team are 100% dedicated to the success of our partners.

sales support
Virtual Desktops

Hit the Ground Running

After registering as a GoCloud Partner you will receive a range of high quality white label sales and marketing tools, already branded with your company's logo and colour scheme - free of charge.

The level of support we provide our partners truly sets us apart and makes GoCloud the UK hosted desktop provider of choice.

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Hosted Desktops

Fast Track to Success

The GoCloud Academy is your guide to reseller success, offering you the quickest route to learning the skills and techniques that will help you make your first sale, and continue to make sales.

The GoCloud Academy will guide you through every step of the sales process - no past experience is required to succeed as a reseller.

Partner Academy
Cloud Desktops

Hosted desktop UK support

Choosing a hosted desktop solution is about more than the cost of the service. As an essential part of a business’s operation, the security, support and reliability offered by a hosted desktop provider are essential considerations. Choose GoCloud as your Hosted Desktop white label supplier, and know you’ve made the right choice thanks to a UK-based support team and an infrastructure with extensive investment.

Unparalleled Uptime

System downtime is bad news for everyone. And something GoCloud customers rarely encounter thanks to a 99.9% service up-time. You and your clients can relax, knowing our UK-based data centres boast a TIER 3 build classification; your assurance of excellent levels of resilience & redundancy protection. Protected against fire, flood, power failures and extremes of temperature, GoCloud gives you a level of resilience that’s difficult and costly to achieve with an in-house data centre.

Serious About Security

Your clients’ data is safe with us. Based in the Northern UK, our services are delivered over fully encrypted, secure channels, with data backed up on a daily basis to a secondary offsite location, for the gold standard security your clients need to run their businesses. And our security conscious culture extends beyond safe data transfer with permanent on-site security, 24/7 CCTV recording and a conscientious employee culture. GDPR and ISO9001:2015 accredited as you’d expect, and only using ISO27001 accredited data centres, you can rely on us to deliver the security you and your clients expect and need.

Proactive Monitoring

Get notified about issues before they develop into problems for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Our Hosted Desktop Support team continually monitor key performance areas for each of your client’s hosted desktop environments. Should an issue arise, our early-warning system will alert you, helping prevent an issue developing. Monitoring areas such as CPU usage, disk level and latency let us nip problems in the bud. The result? An excellent user experience for your clients, and a better business result for you.

Experts on Tap

Supporting you and your relationship with your clients is our priority. With a 24/7 2nd line technical support line, you can be assured of our help whenever you need it. Either call or email our team of experts for immediate support. Backed up with a ticketed email, you’ll be kept updated on the progress of your query and have the confidence that your issue is being dealt with professionally and efficiently.

And it’s not just the excellent availability, high quality helpdesk support and fail-safe security that will keep you and your clients smiling. Tell us what your clients need, and we’ll deliver - upgrading and re-configuring as needed - whilst maintaining quality of service and security. Without the need for your own server rooms and data centres, you save money, space, time and staff resources. The white label marketing materials and service literature are branded in line with your business’s graphics giving you the confidence to sell your new hosted desktop solution to your UK customers and successfully grow your business.

Latest from the GoCloud blog.

Surviving Brexit Part 3: Business Agility

Building a business that can respond to change

We’ve reached the final instalment of our mini-series Surviving Brexit – if only the Brexit negotiations were this straightforward.

Before we dive into part 3 and explore the benefits of operating a flexible, agile business, let’s take a moment to recap what we’ve covered so far.

In part 1 we looked at ways to secure the future of your business and the benefits of introducing a recurring revenue model. Part 2 discussed ways to mitigate risk by leveraging white label reselling and explored how you can help your clients do the same.

The final piece of the puzzle in the journey to become Brexit-proof is to ensure your IT business is sufficiently flexible to respond to sudden changes in the SME marketplace.

Keep in mind that business agility is likely to also be atop priority for some or many of your clients going into 2019. Whilst the impact of political and economic changes on a business can be minimised, therealities of change cannot be avoided altogether.

We are undoubtedly in a period of change and it’s vital that businesses are well positioned to respond to both the threats and the emerging opportunities as they arise.

There are lots of ways to make a business agile. For IT businesses it can mean aligning yourself with partners who can support you in accessing new markets, pitching for business, on boarding new clients and providing 3rd party support.

For your clients it could be the flexibility to quickly scale their IT up and down as the business demands it or enabling remote working and BYOD for their workforce. It could be implementing enterprise level security and disaster recovery or improving speed to value.

A hosted desktop solution delivers all these benefits and more for you and, also your clients who are looking for opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in a competitive SME marketplace.

GoCloud ensures its partners’ success by helping them offer their clients best-in-class enterprise level hosted desktop and hosted VoIP services. The reseller programme is free to join and includes extensive white label sales and marketing support.

Take 2 minutes and apply to join now and become a hosted desktop reseller.

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