What is a Hosted Cloud Desktop?

A Hosted Cloud Desktop, holds all of a business's data, resources and software in the cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

What is a Hosted Cloud Desktop and why you need one

A Hosted Cloud Desktop is a type of Hosted Desktop in which your operating system, data, and applications are stored and maintained in the cloud by the service provider. Therefore, rather than managing, licencing and dealing with all of the hassle, with a Hosted Cloud Desktop, you pay a monthly fee and leave the maintenance and technical services to the Hosted Desktop Service provider. You are still able to access your desktop, which is very flexible as it can be accessed from any modern device with an internet connection, anywhere.

Having a Hosted Cloud Desktop may improve your job by providing you with high-quality processing power, memory, storage capacity and network bandwidth capacity, all of which contribute to your workplace's efficiency. Furthermore, due to the cloud's frequent backups and many levels of system security, the cloud is also very secure; however, with a traditional desktop, if a laptop or computer is taken, the data on it becomes exposed and accessible to anyone. However, data is not kept on any one computer using a Hosted Cloud Desktop, so it can be simply and remotely erased if a device is misplaced or hacked. It simplifies the handling of security breaches and possibly minimises their impact significantly, improving a workplace’s efficiency and security.

Reasons to use a Cloud Hosted Desktop

Using a Cloud Hosted Desktop can help with numerous things, such as scalability and productivity of your business. One of the biggest reasons why businesses use Cloud Desktop Hosting is that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time on any device with an internet connection, giving clients and users the ability to work remotely. This makes remote jobs such as working at home much more accessible and easier as users will have the ability to access, connect and collaborate from anywhere, with only a reliable hosted client needed.

Upgrades to applications and software are also straightforward and fast to implement, since you don't need access to every user's desktop. It just has to be done once on the dedicated hosted desktop server, which then distributes the updated software to everyone. Additionally, there is no requirement to purchase for or maintain the hardware used to host your desktops on the Cloud.

Benefits of using a Hosted Cloud Desktop

Due to the benefits of Cloud Hosted Desktops, they are gaining admiration among businesses of all sizes.

Employees and users are given secure access on any device from anywhere and because the data and programmes are stored in the cloud, it will remain safe and secure in any event relating to the client hardware, such as if the user’s device is lost, stolen or hacked.

There is also an increase in productivity as access to Hosted Cloud Desktops are flexible as any device can be used, thus increasing productivity of a business due to the ability to work easier.  In addition, there is an overall reduction in expenses as all Cloud Hosted Desktops can run on almost any device with an internet connection, so there is no need to purchase more hardware as reasonably modern existing devices are alright to use.

Switch to hosted desktops

If you would like to use Hosted Cloud Desktop Servers for your business, we can transition each member of your team over to their very own hosted desktop without any disruption to your business.

If you’re ready to make the switch, get in touch on 01482 751133 or email hello@gocloud.co.uk to find out more.

If you want to find out more, have a look at our FAQs page to find answers to the most common questions when considering a hosted desktop solution.

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