What is Hosted App Data?

Hosted Applications or Software-as-a-Service are cloud-based which enables users access to business applications from remote locations via the internet.

What is hosted app data? Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Hotmail are both examples of hosted applications. Users access their messages using websites such as these examples, rather than installing an application such as Outlook onto their PC or Mac.

Cloud server is a term that refers to a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment (usually a data centre). It is developed, hosted and distributed remotely using a cloud computing platform. Cloud hosted servers are pre-installed with all necessary software and can operate independently.

Benefits of Hosted Applications and Software

With Hosted Applications and Software, users can virtualise business applications. Businesses can swiftly resolve difficulties and make improvements to their online apps when they use cloud hosting software.

Additionally, it enables many users to view material from any location, increasing the accessibility of hosted apps and data for clients to interact and collaborate.

The top benefits include:

Access from anywhere

Reliable backups

Overall reduction in costs

Access from Anywhere

One of the key benefits of hosted applications and software is that it can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. This makes remote jobs such as working at home much more accessible and easier as users will have the ability to access, connect and collaborate from anywhere, with only a reliable hosted client needed. Application hosting services allow accessibility where instead of downloading software you instead access any apps hosted on the cloud via the internet.

Reliable Backups

When compared to a hard drive, cloud-hosted applications place you at a lower risk of losing your data. If you lose any of your data, you may restore it from the most recent backup and continue working.

Backups are a critical component of disaster recovery. Cloud-based web applications with backup complement hosting software and protect users against serious data loss. This is something that the hosting service provider can supply.

With hosted applications and software, your data is securely stored and can be viewed and accessed via a device linked to the cloud-hosted server.

Overall Reduction in Costs

The hosting software relieves you from time-consuming evaluation and purchase of required components, as well as eliminating one-time costs. Cloud hosting software is often made accessible to businesses via application hosting providers on a subscription basis. Monthly payments can be easily factored, allowing for IT budgeting and planning, as opposed to costly upfront purchases of software licences.

Some examples of cloud based applications include MS Office 365, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services.

Switch to hosted desktops

If you would like to use Hosted Applications or Software for your business or team within a hosted desktop environment, we can transition each member of your team over to their very own hosted desktop without any disruption to your business.

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