What is a Managed Cloud Service Provider?

A Managed Cloud Service Provider offers clients a hardware and software platform based on server and network infrastructure, installed in one or more data centres.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Managed Cloud services are offered by managed service providers (MSP). A managed service provider will handle other tools that operate on top of the cloud infrastructure, including monitoring, reporting, performance testing and backup and recovery. They are also responsible for cloud security, maintenance, processing, storage, optimisation and network operations. An example of a UK Cloud Service Provider would be GoCloud.

Engineers of the service provider handle not just the computing, storage, networking and operating systems of clients, but also the complicated tools and application stacks that operate on top of that infrastructure. Allowing a managed services provider to take on part of the responsibility may help businesses cut costs, boost productivity and increase growth. Furthermore, outsourcing cloud management enables businesses to save the expenses associated with new recruitment and training.

By utilising a managed cloud service provider, a business can accelerate growth, by focussing on core business processes, whilst outsourcing non-core activities.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cost savings - by outsourcing your cloud managed services, you gain control and can minimise the expense of network maintenance.

A robust infrastructure - a cloud managed service provider can monitor and analyse the network for patch requirements, security vulnerabilities and more.

Service level coverage - cloud service providers give customers better flexibility and control over performance, service levels and maintenance.

Fast response times - while accessing, monitoring and repairing any network issue, you can expect rapid response times.

Disaster recovery - in the case of a disaster, your business's data will be protected and activities will continue with minimal interruption or downtime.

Managed cloud services also provide different cloud environments that can suit both you and your business; private, public and hybrid.

Public cloud - allows for scalability and resource sharing that would not otherwise be possible for a single organisation to achieve.

Private cloud - tends to offer more security because the resources are d.

Hybrid cloud - combines public cloud services with a high-performance private cloud platform to maximise flexibility.

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