How green can cloud hosting be?

Green cloud hosting (also referred as eco-friendly hosting) is internet hosting that makes use of green technologies in order to reduce and minimise environmental impact.

Hosted Desktop servers are run from data centres, which are a type of service facility with a focus on energy efficiency. Data centres use energy-efficient technology and practises to save power and reduce cooling.

The benefits of reducing carbon emissions in data centres

Compared to having a single desktop server for each individual, a business using a shared hosted desktop server for their entire team uses less power and hardware, decreasing the amount of hardware manufactured. This reduces their carbon footprint and decreases the amount of greenhouse gases released, helping reduce their impact on the environment and global warming.

Green desktop hosting data centres also use renewable green power from wind, water and solar energy, reducing the volume of fossil fuel combusted and of carbon dioxide created. Additionally, they may also purchase green certificates to offset their consumption and costs associated with conventional energy. Businesses that host websites that have the Green-E certification badge voluntarily adhere to strict environmental regulations, helping reduce their impact environmentally.

Furthermore, green cloud hosting data centres has numerous ways of reducing their impacts on the environment.

How does green cloud hosting (data centres) reduce environmental impact?

Green data centres aim to reduce environmental impact by:

Using energy-efficient hardware, software and devices.

Using low-voltage computer equipment and hardware.

Utilising server and equipment fans at optimum speeds.

Purchasing or producing renewable energy, such as solar, wind or wave power.

Purchasing green certificates, such as The Gold Standard, Green Power Partnership and Climate Action Reserve.

Minimising energy and waste by recycling, refurbishing and re-purposing equipment.

Recycling electronic waste products.

Doing these tasks creates multiple benefits, such as reducing energy used and volume of greenhouse gases released, creating more efficient and sustainable data centres.

Using renewable energy as a power source

To reduce their carbon footprint, data centres purchase or directly generate electricity from clean and renewable sources.

The most common types of renewable power technology are solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectricity (wave and tidal), geothermal and bio-gas.

There are also numerous benefits towards using renewable energy. Generating electricity that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from combustion of fossil fuels can reduce some types of air pollution, improving the public's health and reducing the impact on global warming. It also diversifies the types of energy supplies and reduces the dependence towards imported fuels and energy, also reducing the carbon footprint of importing and exporting with the use of ships and trucks, which release greenhouse emissions.

Using renewable energy not only creates jobs in manufacturing and installation but also helps with economic development. In contrast to fossil fuel technology, which are generally automated and expensive, the renewable energy sector requires a higher level of labour. Humans are required to install solar panels, while specialists are required to maintain wind farms. This implies that for every unit of energy produced from renewable sources, more jobs are produced compared to fossil fuels.

Energy Star ratings

Energy Star is a joint programme run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) which promotes energy-efficient products and devices in order to provide cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that protect the climate and environment whilst also improving air quality and protecting the public's health. The Energy Star label is featured on over 75 distinct certified product categories, from which you may select according to the level of performance you require: residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

You can select from hundreds of certified energy efficient US-based server manufacturers for your data centre, including the most popular and recognised brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP and many others.

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