Hosted Desktops for Hospitality

GoCloud hosted desktops help hospitality businesses run smoothly by taking the stress out of using IT.

Hosted Desktops for Hospitality

In order for a business in the hospitality industry to run smoothly, it needs an IT infrastructure that’s guaranteed to operate quickly, reliably and securely at all times.

By installing a hosted desktop infrastructure from GoCloud, you can reap the rewards that come hand in hand with a sophisticated cloud computing solution.

Speed and accessibility as standard

Whether you run an independent B&B, a caravan holiday park or a chain of luxury hotels, you have a lot of people checking in and out on a daily basis, not to mention a wide-ranging workforce and various other activity taking place.

All of this comes with crucial data, such as guest information, restaurant bookings, weekly orders and ongoing promotions.

All it takes is for your computer system to become sluggish and inaccurate for problems to occur, which could have the knock-on effect of lost bookings, dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.

With the installation of our hosted desktop system, all of these problems are eradicated overnight.

How do hosted desktops work?

A hosted desktop delivers your usual desktop experience, except that it’s hosted in our secure UK data centres rather than inside your own hardware that has a limited capacity.

The result is fast and efficient performance around the clock, with each user’s password protected desktop being available on any device with an internet connection.

Lower your costs

From the smallest guest lodge to hotel brands that are household names, it can be surprising how much hosted desktops can save a company from the very start.

Aside from increased productivity through greater control over how you work and the ability to access files from anywhere, hosted desktops also require less electricity than traditional hardware.

This is especially the case if you currently have a server room on the premises, plus you can replace old computers with thin clients that are highly energy efficient.

You can also save money on maintenance, repairs and upgrades, as GoCloud delivers it all for you as part of the price.

Whilst this is excellent for your cash flow and profit margins, you’ll also be running a greener hospitality business that’s doing its bit for the environment.

Store data with confidence

As well as never needing an IT technician on-site thanks to any issues being immediately fixed by our dedicated experts, hosted desktops come with fantastic security features that are ideally suited to the hospitality industry.

Through a combination of 256-bit encryption, powerful antivirus software, two-factor authentication, ISO 27001 certification and an isolated Citrix/Windows environment, you can rest assured that your systems will never be compromised by malware or hackers, all while helping you to remain GDPR compliant through centralised data.

Unrivalled backup

No matter how many user accounts you require, with all of their individual files, folders and settings, not to mention emails, software and apps, GoCloud’s hosted desktops are the perfect solution.

As well as storing all of your data, we also make sure to back it up regularly so that you never lose it.

If you’ve ever had a member of staff accidentally delete a file or lost data due to hardware problems, this will instantly become a thing of the past and one less thing for you to worry about.

Enhance the customer experience

Hotels and accommodation sites of all shapes and sizes are using technology to improve the way their guests engage with services.

The dependability and effectiveness of hosted desktops enables you to offer features such as online check in and check out, wakeup call scheduling, online restaurant bookings and digital tour guides in each room.

Put simply, you have the computing power to deliver anything that you think will enrich the visitor experience and make your establishment a firm favourite with guests from around the world.

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"Using the GoCloud technology is just like sitting in the office anyway, so there's never any loss of work time."

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"There were no upfront capital costs, we could save on energy bills, and we could pay for their service monthly."

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"The service is incredibly reliable and since working with them we have had a smooth, fast and stable platform."

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