Why Does My Business Need Cloud Backup?

A company can be brought to its knees by a single cyber-attack or data leak, so you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected.

Protecting your company data is crucial.

Your information takes multiple forms, including confidential customer documentation, financial accounts, payroll details, sensitive correspondence, intellectual property and much more besides.

The last thing you need is for it to become inaccessible to staff or, even worse, get into the hands of unauthorised users and hackers.

A company can be brought to its knees by a single cyber-attack or data leak, so you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected and its data easily recoverable.

Choose an online backup provider

There are plenty of cloud backup providers out there, such as Backblaze, IDrive, SOS Online Backup and many more.

Make sure to do some research first - see what each one offers, how their prices compare and also check their online reviews.

By backing up all of your data using a trusted provider, you're future-proofing your company and investing in long-term business continuity.

Your data may be at risk

Every business relies on data to the extent that a single instance of downtime can bring day-to-day operations to a standstill.

Likewise, even just one digital security breach could result in serious ramifications, including loss of earnings, long-term damage to the reputation of your brand, and even hefty fines due to lack of suitable compliance measures.

Having multiple staff working from home means there's a significantly higher risk of a digital security breach or cyber-attack occurring.

However, you can remove this risk entirely by switching to hosted desktops and also taking out affordable cloud backup, which allows a seamless home working experience combined with data protection you can rely on.

Do I really need it?

It's easy to think that nothing will go wrong with your data but there are actually many factors that can result in corruption, loss and theft.

Prime examples are fire and flood at premises where some of your data is being stored on hardware devices.

The same goes for criminal damage to a property, which can involve either your data specifically being targeted or simply destroyed in the process.

With hosted desktops, your data is stored in a secure data centres and simply accessed by your devices rather than kept within them.

This means that your software, files and emails are always safe, no matter what happens to the hardware you use to create, edit and share them.

Meanwhile, having additional cloud backup in place means that your data is protected around the clock, ensuring total reassurance.

Upgrade your digital security

We then have cyber-attacks, which can take place over the course of minutes or months depending on the specific approach.

For instance, some malware damages devices and kills data very quickly, whereas others are designed to hide in the background, spread across your servers and devices, and then make their move once they've infiltrated your entire system.

When you choose GoCloud hosted desktops, all of your data is protected around the clock from every form of cyber-attack.

Stop wasting time worrying about online security - we oversee this for you so that your company can focus on service delivery, customer satisfaction and business growth.

Peace of mind as standard

If you don't have backup in place, you need to rectify the situation immediately.

We recommend combining hosted desktops with a Backup as a Managed Service package.

This will allow you to work remotely and also roll out a Bring Your Own Device policy without the risk of your data being compromised or lost, guaranteeing maximum results and an unparalleled return on investment.

Switch to hosted desktops

We can transition each member of your team over to their very own hosted desktop without any disruption to your workflow.

In the process, you benefit from every piece of company data being backed up in our exemplary UK data centres, protecting it against natural disasters, power cuts, criminal activity, hardware failure, cyber-attacks and accidental damage to devices.

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