Employee Benefits for Remote Workers

Whilst allowing your staff to work from home is a fantastic advantage, that doesn't mean you can't offer them other rewards for their dedication and achievements.

Whilst allowing your staff to work from home is a fantastic advantage, that doesn't mean you can't offer them other rewards for their dedication and achievements. Below are a few ideas for employee benefits that perfectly suit WFH business models.

Continuous personal development

Let's start with one that benefits the company as much as the individual, as a CPD package is a truly valuable offering.

By providing a range of training and self-improvement opportunities to your staff, you're helping and encouraging them to become better at what they do, climb the career ladder and grow on a personal level.

Examples of continuous personal development activity can include any or all of the following:

  • Ongoing in-house training via video calls that are scheduled into each team member's calendar
  • Booking your staff onto exciting industry events such as talks, workshops, conferences and expos
  • Taking out membership of local, regional or industry-based business clubs
  • Offering one-to-one mentoring that focuses on key areas of their role
  • Paying for a subscription to magazines and journals that will help staff to enhance their skills
  • Pointing employees towards useful webinars that they can watch during working hours without having to clock off

Wellbeing packages

Imagine being an employee working alone from home.

The doorbell rings, you answer it and the postman hands over a box you're not expecting.

Curious, you open it to discover a range of goodies that your employer has sent you to keep you upbeat, healthy and motivated. Best. Job. Ever.

Wellbeing packages can contain anything you wish.

They could take the healthy route, such as a range of nutritious snacks, herbal teas and vitamins, or they could go the other way and be filled with chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks.

Maybe you won't opt for food at all and instead send a stress ball, scented room spray and a subscription to an online yoga class.

Whatever you go for, your staff will love the gesture and feel valued by the company.

Buy them home office equipment

If you really want to push the boat out, how about contributing toward the cost of home office equipment or even pay for certain items in full?

This could be anything from an ergonomic keyboard and lumbar support seat cushion, all the way to hardware and office furniture.

As with all purchases, it's a case of checking your budget and working out what suits your cash flow.

You can then either buy the items and pay for them to be delivered to the team member, or ask them to make the purchase themselves and then claim expenses.

Alternatively, you could provide expensive items like computer equipment and large furniture on a temporary basis.

That way, in the event that the employee leaves your company shortly after, you can arrange for the equipment to be collected.

Create your own book club

Do you love reading business books and want your staff to benefit from this wisdom too?

A really cool idea is to create your very own book club and buy each member of staff one copy of the same title each month.

You can then give them a deadline to read it by and hold a virtual book club afterwards to find out what they thought and discuss key topics.

Bearing in mind that you're asking that they read a particular book, it will work nicely if you allow them to do this during paid work hours.

That way it won't eat into their personal time and they should be able to complete it by the deadline.

Company book clubs are an awesome idea because they encourage staff to widen their horizons, digest useful information and also have the social aspect of a group discussion at the end.

It can do wonders for motivation, shared knowledge and mental health, so why not give it a try?

Always be there for them

This point seems so obvious but it's amazing how many businesses fail to deliver it.

When your staff are working from home, they don't get to chat and experience the same level of camaraderie that they would when working together in the same office.

This is where the management team needs to step in by making it clear that employees can get in touch with their supervisors whenever they need anything.

It could a case of them asking a quick question about a project over Slack, giving you a ring to talk through an area of their role that's proving difficult, or having regular one-to-one video chats to discuss mental health and general welfare.

Always being there for employees offers them infinite value yet costs the company nothing at all.

It's this kind of approach that shows how effective HR and administration can be even when delivered remotely via hosted desktops.

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