5 Ways Hosted Desktops Will Boost Your Productivity

Remote working is made infinitely smoother and more secure when your business switches to hosted desktops. Find out how it will significantly boost your productivity.

Remote working is made infinitely smoother and more secure when your business switches to hosted desktops. The system involves each of your employees having access to their usual desktop experience from any device at any time, which does wonders for productivity levels.

Whether you work from home just every now and then or on a permanent basis, hosted desktops will help you to get more done every single day.

Everything you need in an instant

Hosted desktops from GoCloud are built around the expectations of modern businesses, including the need for speed.

Having to wait for a system to load or a file to open doesn't just slow down your working day, it can also cause unnecessary stress and frustration.

When you choose our hosted desktops, you benefit from exceptional speeds because your data is hosted in our state-of-the-art data centre.

All your hardware has to do is access the data securely via the internet rather than store it locally, which is a much more streamlined process.

When you combine all of the tiny actions you carry out on your computer in a single hour, from opening folders to moving files, a bit of extra speed goes a long way.

This cumulative effect results in a very smooth and responsive user experience, freed of all the silly little delays that are the nemesis of productivity.

Collaborate more easily

Hosted desktops are designed with collaboration at their core.

When every member of staff has their own hosted desktop that they can use from anywhere, physical distance no longer poses an issue.

Whether you're based in the office, working from home or on the move, your hosted desktop allows you to access all of your usual files, folders, software and emails without any limitations, delays or stress.

When combined with digital tools such as Office 365, Dropbox, Slack and any other platform that brings employees together, hosted desktops enable your staff to collaborate on a whole new level.

Rather than needing to send email attachments back and forth that result in people working on different files, you can all collaborate in real-time on the same version of a document hosted in the cloud.

This means no more lost changes, conflicting files or overlapping messages that confuse a project - it's just plain sailing all the way.

Never worry about security

One of the main concerns when working remotely or even just using your own device is the level of security available for accessing, editing and transferring files.

All it takes is a single breach in your digital protection and your company could end up facing anything from viruses and ransomware to unauthorised users and data loss.

With hosted desktops managed and supplied by GoCloud, all of your staff receive ultimate levels of encryption and data protection no matter where they are or which device they're using.

As a result, they can work on a file whilst in the workplace, continue to make amends to it from their smartphone during their train journey home, and then continue to work seamlessly from their personal laptop once they arrive in their home office.

The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to hosted desktops is staff working too much due to unprecedented digital agility, so make sure they're taking breaks and looking after their wellbeing.

Great for communication

Many of our clients take on our hosted desktops and within a week have transformed their communication strategy.

When software platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, SharePoint, and Asana are accessed through a fast, capable and reliable cloud infrastructure, the potential for effective communication goes through the roof.

Automatic updates save time and stress

Once of the most common bugbears of business owners is the time that's wasted whilst waiting for software and operating systems to update to the latest version.

However, even worse than this lost time is the risk of some staff postponing an update, which can lead to cracks forming in your company's online security barrier.

Guess what? With hosted desktops from GoCloud, all of your systems are updated automatically across your business, which removes compatibility issues too.

The outcome is optimised productivity for everyone at all times and a highly profitable business.

Switch to hosted desktops

We can transition every member of your team over to a hosted desktop without any disruption to business continuity. If you're ready to make the switch, get in touch on 01482 751133 or email

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