white label voip for IT resellers

Offer clients white label hosted PBX services designed for resellers through the GoCloud Partner Programme.

what is hosted pbx?

The most common way to own a business phone system is historically to have an on-site solution utilising ISDN or analogue lines in the workplace.

With the increased availability of high speed connectivity, completely cloud based hosted PBX solutions are growing in popularity, largely thanks to extensive range of features they offer.

Help your clients avoid outdated hardware, constant software licence upgrades and increasing costs with a cloud service that offers a secure, reliable and truly global solution.

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GoCloud hosted PBX features

Discover the extensive range of cloud VoIP features that can be instantly provisioned live from your control panel.

Inbound Call Features
inbound call features
  • Geographic, non-geographic and freephone numbers
  • Call recording, call groups and custom call queues
  • IVR / auto attendant menus and time profiles
  • Call forwarding, mobile twinning and pick up groups
Business Features
business features
  • Voicemail (individual & company) and hold music
  • Conferencing, channel spy and call parking
  • Internal corporate directory and blinking light fields
  • Mobile workers, remote workers and company diverts
Outbound Call Features
outbound call features
  • Call recording, call transfer and dial through
  • Outgoing caller ID and anonymous dial
  • Redial last missed call and speed dial
  • Telephone Preference Service screening
Fraud Prevention
fraud prevention
  • Daily call spend limits and spend limit alerts
  • Premium rate block and domestic IP address lock
  • Time-based and destination-based restrictions
  • Proactive monitoring and real time fraud analysis
all voip solutions include:
>  Numbers For 1,500+ Cities Globally
>  Pay Only For The Features You Need
>  Real Time Instant Provisioning
>  24/7 Administration Via Secure Portal
>  New Features Rolled Out Seamlessly
>  Built-In Security & Fraud Prevention