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GoCloud work exclusively with IT and telecoms resellers and never sell our cloud white label desktops direct to end users.

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Take a closer look at how the GoCloud Partner Programme offers you the opportunity to see big rewards without big risks.

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Retain more customers, attract new business and increase your profits by reselling cloud desktops through the GoCloud Partner Programme.

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Benefit from an uncapped earnings opportunity, with the flexibility to set your own margins and no upfront costs or sales commitments.

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We've made becoming a partner as quick and easy as possible, with probably the most flexible partner agreement available in the industry.

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Desktop cloud solutions

Light-years from investment-heavy desktops, cloud desktop solutions have revolutionised the way businesses approach information sharing, device usage and remote working. Increasing numbers of companies are switching to cloud-based desktops and are unlikely to be going back.

Working with GoCloud lets you expand your offering with quality, secure cloud desktops under your own brand without the capital outlay, time and resources needed to set up your own desktop cloud solution. Offering clients a winning hosted desktop service allows you to complement your broader business and showcase your commitment to quality communication solutions. Your clients will benefit from:


A flexible and secure approach to remote working and working across multiple devices. Perfect for multi-location businesses or those who are rapidly expanding, desktop cloud solutions are also idea for teams of busy, highly mobile professionals who just don’t have the time to check their laptop in for IT upgrades. With a cloud desktop solution, none of this matters – everything can be managed centrally without the need for laptop surrender or laborious downloads for necessary updates.


The ability to quickly scale IT requirements up or down. About to hit a seasonal peak in demand? No problem. So long as your client has sufficient devices, we’ll provide the capacity. There’s no waiting around for new licenses or software updates, or a pricey server upgrade to take account of the new usage volumes. And if they scale back during a quiet patch they won’t be left with obsolete hardware gathering dust. Just tell us and we’ll scale back their requirements to suit their needs.


Excellent service reliability. A highly resilient TIER 3 build classification means 99.9% uptime – something both you and your clients will be delighted to rely on. Your client gets better productivity and you spend fewer hours dealing with system availability issues.

no upfront costs

Instead of setting up expensive server rooms or data centres, relying on an in-house IT team and allocating budget to licenses, software upgrades and hardware purchases, your clients pay a monthly service fee that covers all their IT requirements. Able to operate on thin clients and mobile devices, the hardware costs are significantly below that of a traditional desktop solution.


A serious approach to IT security. With the rapidly changing threats landscape, clients need to take security more seriously than ever before. Using a desktop cloud solution means zero data transfer between devices. All data is stored and processed on servers within our secure data centre. Only screen changes on the desktop, key presses and mouse movements are transmitted across the internet, making a hosted desktop even more secure than a normal desktop PC. We’re ISO 9001:2015 & GDPR compliant and we only use ISO27001 accredited data centres. with all our services delivered over encrypted, secure channels, and backed up daily to a secure external location.

With all this support, it won’t just be your clients who are smiling. With full training, white-labelled marketing materials printed with your company’s branding and the ability to set your own prices and margins, you’ll be on your way to a profitable business with an easily projected revenue stream. The lack of restrictive contract or capital outlay makes this business opportunity perfect for organisations wishing to extend their repertoire and create an easy-win revenue stream.