What is Citrix Gateway?

Citrix Gateway is an on-premises solution that integrates secure remote access, enabling access and protection to all applications and data through single sign-on (SSO).

The applications and data, regardless of their location, whether in a data centre or the cloud, can be accessed through any device, using a single URL.

Citrix Gateway can be deployed on-premises or in any public or hybrid cloud environment, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Citrix Cloud.

What is a gateway?

A gateway is a network node that links or connects networks with different transmission protocols. It is the centre through which all data is converted from one protocol or format to another, before being routed.

Can I access applications remotely using Citrix Gateway?

Citrix Gateway, a HDX proxy cloud service, enables secure and remote access to virtual applications, provided through Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops services.

Remote employees or workers are able to easily access their everyday applications and data with just an internet connection, regardless of their location or device, enabling them to remain productive. Citrix Gateway simplifies remote access while also safeguarding application and data access in a secure and easy-to-manage solution.

When customers or clients purchase Citrix Virtual Apps or Desktops services, they also receive a Citrix Gateway service that includes HDX (High Definition Experience) proxy.

Is Citrix Gateway secure to use?

Citrix provides multifactor authentication to the sign-in process, enhancing security and preventing unauthorised access to a business's data or software. Multi-factor authentication protects against account takeovers and data theft by verifying users' identities prior to granting them access to their data.

Additionally, Citrix Gateway provides a secure and easy-to-manage solution when accessing any applications, data or resources.

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