What is a Terminal Server?

A Terminal Server is a physical server that allows users to login from PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones in order to access an instance of a desktop. Microsoft Windows Terminal Server is an example of a Terminal Server (also known as Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Benefits of a Terminal Server

A Terminal Server provides numerous benefits, such as allowing users access to business resources from any location with any device that has an internet connection. Applications are also only installed once and regularly updated on the server, so there is no requirement to install or update an application or program on each device in the network.

In addition, there is an overall reduction in expenses as there is no need for local IT support or purchasing of individual hardware for each member of staff.

There are various devices that can be used to connect to a Hosted Terminal Server, such as a Windows PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone, Apple Mac or Chromebook.

What is a Hosted Terminal Server?

A Hosted Terminal Server is the same as a Terminal Server, however, utilises high internet speeds to host the server in a commercial data centre, from which users can login over the internet. The provider maintains and supports the Hosted Terminal Server.

Benefits of a Hosted Terminal Server

A Hosted Terminal Server has the ability to share Windows desktop applications remotely from any device with an internet connection.

Furthermore, there is an overall reduction in expenses as there is no need for local IT support and instead only a monthly subscription is required.

What is Windows Terminal Server?

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server is a critical component of the Windows Server and Windows Desktop operating systems. It enables remote computers to connect to a Windows-based computer and establish a remote terminal connection.

Windows includes three client components that use Terminal Servers: Windows Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop Connection and Fast User Switching.

The first two are individual tools that enable a user to remotely operate a device over a network. Fast User Switching is a method of allowing users to switch between accounts quickly.

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