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Learn about the real advantages of DaaS solutions and how end user organisations can benefit.

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The value of Desktop-as-a-Service solutions

Use our expert insight to explore the value of a DaaS virtual desktop solution and the benefits it offers end user organisations.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktop solutions help organisations stay competitive by improving their efficiency and increasing their productivity.

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Virtual Desktop Services
strategic value

Moving from traditional IT to a cloud desktop solution can deliver wide reaching strategic value, in addition to the short term ROI.

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Virtual Desktop Solution
green technology

GoCloud's UK data centre servers utilise some of the latest energy efficient technology to process and store your sensitive data.

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Hosted DaaS desktop for home

For a business that’s serious about flexible working, a hosted DaaS desktop solution is the natural choice. Without the need for costly and bulky equipment, a business can provide their employees with responsive and secure desktops that feel no different to working on a traditional desktop but with superior flexibility.

remote working

Modern working practices are unquestionably more flexible than the traditional office-based 9-5 approach to work. An improved worklife balance is at the core of this approach for many businesses, allowing those with long commutes, caring responsibilities or involved hobbies to work more flexibly. Organisations benefit too, with a wider potential talent pool, the ability to deliver their service despite transport or weather disruption, and a broader coverage of business territories at lower cost. But the IT support behind a flexible working policy can be challenging. Unless of course the business chooses a hosted virtual desktop solution such as GoCloud.

A hosted virtual desktop is the progressive business’s IT solution. Providing the same desktop solution on a laptop in head office as on a mobile device on a train, employees get the accessibility they need to do their jobs properly, the consistency they expect and the security the business requires. For instance, a CEO can read an updated sales report on their tablet whilst travelling in Asia, just moments after the sales analyst has finished writing it from their home office. Mandatory training can be delivered to every team member at the same time, and files can be shared, printed and edited as easily as if the team were working next to one another. Life becomes unquestionably simpler for everyone involved.

BYOD (bring your own device)

Device flexibility is a huge benefit to many businesses. Instead of providing each employee with costly laptops that need regular updates and replacements, businesses can take a more flexible approach. Staff can be provided with tablets and keyboards to work from home with or even be given an allowance to choose a suitable device in line with their preference. Office requirements are little more than keyboards and thin clients, making virtual desktops ideal for hot-desk offices.


The security of hosted virtual desktops is a huge benefit to businesses with flexible working practices. We’ve all heard the stories about valuable information being left on trains, and everyone knows someone who broke their laptop thanks to an incident with a cup of coffee. But what about burglaries or insecure home internet connections? It’s commonly agreed that a hosted desktop is even more secure than a normal desktop PC. Bitdefender Endpoint Protection takes care of viruses, whilst traffic between the end-user and the UK data centre is 256-bit encrypted. Multi-factor authentication defends against account takeovers and data theft by verifying your users’ identities before they access their data, and as all data is stored and processed on servers within the data centre itself, only screen changes, key presses and mouse movements are transmitted over the internet.

It’s clear to see that hosted virtual desktops are the way forward for any business serious about flexible working. GoCloud’s high performance, high security hosted desktop solution is the perfect choice for businesses wishing to add a hosted desktop solution to their suite of services.