hosted desktop end user benefits

Learn about the real advantages of hosted desktops and how end user organisations can benefit.

reduce your it outgoings
>  dramatically cut iT costs & energy bills
>  No Capital equipment costs
>  24/7 support included in premium package
>  flexible & easy to Manage monthly payments
>  no expensive software to buy
>  lower cost insurance premiums

Uncover the value of hosted desktops

Use our expert insight to explore the value of a cloud desktop solution and the benefits it offers end user organisations.


Hosted desktop solutions help organisations stay competitive by improving their efficiency and increasing their productivity.

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Strategic Value
strategic value

Moving from traditional IT to a cloud desktop solution can deliver wide reaching strategic value, in addition to the short term ROI.

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Green Technology
green technology

GoCloud's UK data centre servers utilise some of the latest energy efficient technology to process and store your sensitive data.

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