We understand that your clients demand constantly available IT.

That's why the GoCloud infrastructure team worked in partnership with HP at their Bracknell offices to co-design our hosted desktop platform.

We've perfected the infrastructure and made your choice simple - your clients will require either a standard, or premium hosted desktop:

Standard Hosted Desktop
Premium Hosted Desktop

Standard hosted desktop

  • Windows 8 style desktop (Windows 2012 R2 RDS)

  • Anti-virus

  • Daily backup - 14 day retention period

  • 10GB user file storage

  • Office hours support only

Premium hosted desktop

  • Windows 8 style desktop (with Citrix XenApp session)

  • Anti-virus

  • Daily backup - 30 day retention period

  • 20GB user file storage

  • 24/7 support

  • 2 Factor Authentication ready


You decide: Windows 2012 or Citrix XenApp

RDS Standard Hosted Desktop


  • Lower cost
  • Native RDP client already installed with Windows (although installing the RDP updates are recommended)



  • Not as good as Citrix for graphically intensive applications and video streaming
  • RDP client not as widespread as Citrix Receiver, although client available on iOS and Android

  • Higher bandwidth requirements (approx 100Kbps per session

Citrix Premium Hosted Desktop


  • Better for graphic intensive applications and video streaming - Citrix HDX
  • Citrix offers a wider choice of client software – Citrix Receiver is available on a number of different platforms

  • Lower bandwidth requirements (30Kbps per session) – so better for users on mobile connections



  • Higher cost

Using the GoCloud technology is just like sitting in the office anyway, so there’s never any loss of work time. Even when the country grinds to a halt because of snow, you don’t have to go out onto icy roads and clients don’t suffer. It’s a win-win situation!
— Shane Beardsley, MD at Kirk Ella Investments
GoCloud User

Features of all hosted desktops

  • Multiple High Availability servers

  • High availability failover to secondary servers, SANs, switches, firewalls and routers included as standard

  • 24/7 I.T. Support - our Service Desk provides friendly, effective and highly experienced support for GoCloud premium virtual hosted desktops

  • Supported Operating Systems/devices include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad) & BlackBerry

  • Month-by-month contracts. You can scale up and down each month

  • Data stored in UK data centres with CCTV, VESDA and fire-suppression systems. Each data centre also has refuelable diesel generators and battery back-up, and multiple connections to the Internet

  • Optional Hosted Exchange mailbox with built-in anti-spam protection

  • All traffic between the end-user and the data centre is 256-bit encrypted

  • Multiple High Availability SAN storage