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Kirk Ella Investments

Experienced Independent Financial Advisers

Kirk Ella Investments are independent financial advisers with well over 100 years of combined experience, they have been advising clients for many years on all aspects of Protection, Savings and Investments, Pensions and Mortgages. They have built up a significant client base of satisfied customers, who are so pleased with their service, they recommend them to family and friends.

Hosted Desktop User
“We had experienced two catastrophic disasters in two years which had caused huge disruption to our business and left us feeling extremely vulnerable. We lost both hard drives at the same time.

We did manage to retrieve our data through our back up system but it took a couple of weeks before we were up and running to normal speed. It was a very difficult time.

I never felt comfortable having everything in one place, so GoCloud’s hosted desktop was exactly the solution we were looking for.”
— Shane Beardsley, Managing Director at Kirk Ella Investments

The Hosted Desktop solution

GoCloud provided a hosted server and seven hosted desktops for staff at Kirk Ella Investments. All important and personal data that is essential to the running of the business is now stored in GoCloud's own data centres, to increase security and backup protection.

Kirk Ella Investments had had two catastrophic disasters within two years and could see the value in the hosted desktop, in terms of safety, cost and flexibility of working.

Shane Beardsley said...

"I had been able to work from home in the past by dialling in via a remote desktop to access my data in the office, but having the hosted desktop and being able to work "in the cloud" has taken me and the business to another level entirely.

It doesn't look any different in the office, but we feel so much more secure knowing that everything is accessible and available and backed up. Every member of staff can now access their desktops wherever they are in the country - and we always know our data is safe and secure.

We also have ongoing 24/7 IT support, which is invaluable. And if anything dreadful happened, like a fire at the office, we could simply set up in another office with minimal disruption to the business."

The benefits

Shane suggests the key benefits of cloud computing and the hosted desktop are:

  • The flexibility of being able to work from anywhere at any time.

  • The comfort of knowing that they can continue to work even if they faced another catastrophic disaster.

  • Environmental factors - because Kirk Ella Investments no longer runs their own server, they use less energy, which means they dramatically reduce their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Being able to budget better with a fixed monthly cost. In the past, Kirk Ella Investments paid by the hour for IT support when anything went wrong or hardware failed. The GoCloud service automatically includes 24/7 IT support.

  • The minimal hardware cost because there's no server to buy and service.

“What happened to Kirk Ella Investments in terms of disaster recovery is exactly the reason why people are moving to cloud computing and our hosted desktop solution.

We are delighted that they are now working effectively, safe in the knowledge that their data and their clients’ data is secure in our data centre, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with them.”
— Cairn Emmerson, Director at GoCloud
GoCloud Team