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Barclay Jones

Award winning Virtual I.T. Directors

Barclay Jones are a team of award-winning Virtual I.T. Directors delivering impartial, strategic and practical advice to business leaders, serious about the growth of their organisations. They advise on the effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their clients’ business processes and bottom line.

Barclay Jones work with Public, Private and Third Sector Organisations, advising and coaching leaders who aspire to grow their businesses. By introducing strategic working systems they also motivate staff to deliver a competitive edge, helping companies recruit easier and grow faster.

Hosted Desktop User
“We wanted an I.T. infrastructure that was flexible, one that would allow us to work from anywhere in the UK with full access to all our files and data and we didn’t want the hassle of managing that infrastructure.

We just wanted to be able to get on with our work without having to worry about the technology. The environmental benefits of using a virtual hosted desktop were also important.

GoCloud fit the bill for a number of reasons. There were no upfront capital costs, we could save on energy consumption and energy bills, we could pay for the service monthly and 24/7 IT support was provided as part of the service. We were also impressed by their excellent disaster recovery plan.”
— Wayne Barclay, Director at Barclay Jones

The Hosted Desktop solution

GoCloud provide a hosted server and two hosted desktops to Barclay Jones. As long as they have an internet connection they have access to their entire business.

The GoCloud helpdesk is available around the clock and I.T. technicians monitor the infrastructure at all times, which ensures that any problems are identified and dealt with quickly.

Wayne Barclay said...

“We are extremely happy with the service we get from GoCloud. They have enabled us to tour the UK and operate from any of our clients’ sites, a service station or even Starbucks! As long as there’s an internet connection we can get on with our work just by launching the GoCloud infrastructure.

They represent really good value, give a great service and their technical support is excellent. In fact, they will let us know if there has been a “blip” and what they have done to rectify the problem, even if we weren't aware that there was an issue in the first place.

By not having to buy a physical server we immediately saved money because there were no upfront capital costs. It also makes it very easy for us to forecast the expansion of our business because by having a monthly fee, we can manage our cash flow better.

We always consider the environmental impact of I.T. solutions when developing strategies with our own clients, so the “green credentials” that cloud computing offers is also very important to us.”

The benefits

Wayne suggests the key benefits of cloud computing and the hosted desktop are:

  • The ability to work from anywhere in the UK, without interruption.

  • No capital outlay to buy an expensive server.

  • Being able to leave GoCloud to manage our I.T. infrastructure, so that we can just get on with working

  • “Green” credentials.

  • Fantastic disaster recovery plan, so that if we couldn't access our office for any reason, we’d still be able to continue running our business.

  • Easy to budget monthly payment for improved cashflow

“Barclay Jones is an excellent example of how the hosted desktop is an ideal solution for businesses who have clients across the UK.

Despite travelling around the country, staff have full access to all of their information and data, as though they were sitting in their own office. This means no downtime, more efficient working and, ultimately, a healthier business.”
— Cairn Emmerson, Director at GoCloud
GoCloud Team