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360 Chartered Accountants

Delivering a comprehensive accountancy service

360 Chartered Accountants deliver a range of accountancy services from compliance, management information and audits to bookkeeping, tax planning, business planning and raising finances. From small businesses to large corporate clients, they offer a truly personal service, giving clients the best advice focused on individual needs.

Why we chose GoCloud

Andrew Steele, Director at 360 Chartered Accountants said:

"I was setting up a new business and so needed a new IT system in place. I also wanted to make the business as environmentally friendly as possible, including moving to as paperless an office as possible.

I had never heard of the hosted desktop before or virtual servers but the GoCloud package sounded ideal for several reasons - no up front capital costs, no need to find extra space to fit a server in the office, savings on energy consumption and on energy bills, monthly fees and 24/7 IT support.

I was also happy with the level of data security I would receive, which is vital, particularly for an accountancy firm, because we deal with such personal, private and sensitive information. I also liked the idea of the server sitting in GoCloud's data centre, so that if anything did go wrong they would be on hand to rectify the problem as quickly as possible, rather than have to visit us on site.

Basically, I wanted someone to look after all of my IT needs so that I could forget about it and get on with running the business - and I wanted the support of an established company with a really good reputation.

GoCloud came out and set everything up for us very quickly and efficiently. There was no hassle involved and the staff remain friendly and very organised throughout."

The Hosted Desktop solution

GoCloud provided a hosted server and four hosted desktops to staff at 360 Chartered Accountants.

Emails, upgrading of software, security and day-to-day support are all now taken care of so that the company can concentrate on running their business. All data is securely stored in the GoCloud Data Centre.

360 Chartered Accountants is now up and running and can see the value of working "in the cloud" in terms of cost, security and flexibility of working as well as the added assurance that any technical problems will be swiftly sorted out.

“By not buying a server or any PCs we immediately saved money because there were no up front capital costs, which means it’s good for cash flow. We know exactly how much our IT costs are every month and we have the support and back up of a reputable company.

We also have the advantage of being able to access our desktops from anywhere in the world. Staff can work from home if necessary or when they’re travelling on a train.

Even when they’re with clients, it’s still like being in the office! They don’t have to enter data collected from a client meeting when they get back in, because they can do it there and then, so it also means we can work much more efficiently.”
— Andrew Steele, Director at 360 Chartered Accountants
Hosted Desktop User

The benefits

Andrew suggests the key benefits of cloud computing and the hosted desktop are:

  • The easy-to-budget monthly payment.

  • Having the confidence to leave our IT to GoCloud so we can forget about it and just get on with the job.

  • We would have had to outsource our IT maintenance anyway, but doing that would have been just as expensive as the whole GoCloud package, so GoCloud makes sense cost-wise.

  • The minimal hardware cost - because there's no server to buy and service

  • No capital outlay and no need to find space in the office for a server.

  • Environmental factors - 360 Chartered Accountants is very conscious of the environment, so by working "in the cloud" we use less energy, so our bills are less and we're doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Our plan is to be virtually paperless, so in that respect GoCloud is a natural progression environmentally because it helps us maintain all our paperless software and systems.


“360 Chartered Accountants is a great example of how the hosted desktop is an ideal solution for start-up businesses. Minimal set up costs and a monthly budget plan means there are no hidden surprises.

Working in the cloud also meets their environmental needs. By reducing their energy consumption and working towards a paperless office, they are reducing their carbon footprint. They can also get on with the job of running their business, confident that their clients’ personal information is safe and secure in our data centre.”
— Cairn Emmerson, Director at GoCloud
GoCloud Team