Virtual Desktop around the world!

Recently I took my annual holiday to the south coast of Spain, taking my laptop and iPad with me (just in case). Whilst there, sunning myself at the villa, I had to connect to the office, as there was something to be published in my absence. It struck me then just how cool cloud computing and virtual desktop actually is. Before long I was making plans to spend the summer there, imagining long hazy days spent typing away in the cool villa, or even at one of the bars on the beach.

The actually reality of living in the sun for a few months of the year was soon met with practicalities, such as paying two sets of bills, leaving some of the kids (grown-up I hasten to add!) behind and so on, but it was nice to think the one thing I wouldn’t have to worry about is connecting to work.

Perfect for business trips

Coming back down earth with a huge bump now and getting serious, this is the beauty of hosted desktops. No matter where you are in the world, if you have a connection, you can work.

This has helped to make work more flexible, collaboration with global partners a doddle and business trips more productive, as you can still work, with all necessary details to hand, even if you’re travelling.

Hosted desktop solutions save businesses cash, there’s no doubt about that. Not only does it reduce capital expenditure and monthly costs, but it allows smaller businesses to use IT in such a way that wasn’t previously possible.

It tends to make you envisage a future which has no offices, just a well-organised network of collaborators from all over the world, or perhaps I’m being too futuristic here.

Rise in telecommuting

Or perhaps not, when you consider the rise of flexible working, home offices and telecommuting. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has also risen significantly, with more and more workers connecting to the workplace on as many as four different devices each week, according to a recent Gartner study.

Indeed, according to a Citrix study, carried out last year, office space is set to reduce by a fifth (17%) by 2020, providing just six desks for every ten office workers.

The Citrix Workplace of the Future report arrived at this figure following a survey in which they asked 1900 IT decision makers, across 19 countries, how they expect to work in the future.

29% said that they will no longer work for a traditional offices, basing themselves instead in the home, project sites and customer or partner premises. According to the report, this shift is already taking place with 24% of organisations around the world adopting “mobile workstyles”.

Bearing this in mind, it would seem that the future is already upon us and a new way of working and connecting to the office is beginning to take shape.

This can be largely attributed to the cloud, alongside mobile devices, which have given employees a choice of connecting devices no matter where they are.

It’s not just large organisations that can take advantage of this either. For the SME there is now a flexible solution to cutting costs, whilst retaining a high-level service, and that’s by implementing a hosted desktop solution.

Save money and go mobile with a Hosted Desktop

With no set up costs, businesses pay a monthly amount per user which will be extremely beneficial to small businesses who won't have to lay out vast sums of money and will have instant I.T. support.