The Rising Cloud

There are 49 million hosted desktops in the world, equating to 40% of the professional PC market. We’re at the point where the service is widely recognised and celebrated for its ease, efficiency and affordability, and yet despite its huge popularity there are over 100 million businesses still to join a cloud. A recent study for Microsoft shows that the transference to cloud servers is moving at an exponential rate, to the extent that there are 1.7 million cloud-related jobs that need filling. With the shift happening so quickly and in such large numbers, many organisations lack staff that are fully trained in the workings of cloud hosting. This isn’t bad news at all, as training is also becoming far more readily available, and it won’t be long before clouds become a part of every form of IT education. The significance of these developments for GoCloud and our partners is just how quickly the scene is changing, all in favour of cloud servers and hosted desktops.

Since the very first computing machines that filled entire rooms, technology has become faster and, more importantly, smaller by the year. It was only a matter of time before the option to have your files and applications hosted remotely became the smart option, allowing a far greater speed and reliability, with the added bonus of data being safely backed-up. GoCloud’s hosted desktop is built upon an enterprise-class, virtual office infrastructure, including hosted exchange servers and hosted file servers, in addition to the hosted desktops themselves. This results in incredible security, and the inclusion of Microsoft Office as part of the package means that it’s also a very attractive and cost-effective business solution.

As a GoCloud partner, how you go about selling hosted desktops is down to you. We provide all of the information and advice you need, but we’re sure that you have your own style when it comes to engaging potential customers. Perhaps you’ll sell thirty-five a month or maybe five is more feasible. And that’s the beauty of it all, in that it always works to your capacity.

What we can guarantee to even our smallest partner organisations is that by selling just five hosted desktops per month, your recurring monthly income would be over £6,000. If you think you can sell fifteen, this would mean a recurring monthly income of over £18,000. Thirty-five a month? Now you’re talking! Such consistent achievement would see monthly returns of over £43,000!

Still unsure whether becoming a GoCloud partner is for you? Here are some more very good reasons:

  • No upfront fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum financial commitment
  • FREE white label marketing kit
  • Run legacy applications on our Hosted Desktops
  • FREE demo suite
  • FREE application testing
  • FREE 24/7 technical support
  • Completely isolated Citrix farm for each customer
  • Full control over the Citrix environment

If you are interested in selling Hosted Desktops contact GoCloud to become one of our partners. It really is that simple, just get in touch and anything that you’re unclear about will be explained in easy to understand non-jargon, plus we’ll always be here if you need us once signed up.

The future of business and technology is hosted desktops. We supply the cloud, and a silver lining comes as standard.

Help your existing customers to save money today

The GoCloud hosted desktop provides businesses with more for their money. You can have own your white label hosted desktops without any up-front capital investment. You can start profiting by selling hosted desktops today.