The Hosted Desktop running on an iPad Mini

As you know, if you’ve been reading our previous blogs on the iPad mini, the team at GoCloud received their shiny new devices last week and have been playing around with them ever since. Whilst some may think that a 7” tablet device is no good on the move for professional purposes, we’ve compiled a short video demonstration for you to see how a GoCloud hosted desktops works easily in conjunction with the iPad mini.

Not only that, but we show you how you can use your iPhone as a mouse when connected to the iPad mini via Bluetooth.

Now whilst some may bemoan the fact that the mini has an even smaller soft keyboard than its predecessors, this doesn’t seem to have put off Joel Evans of ZDNet, who finds he can type easily with just his thumbs! He also provides a good review of the mini in general when compared with similar devices.

However, if you have any serious typing to do, you can always invest in an iPad keyboard; these work with any iOS device and so shouldn’t be a problem.

As you can see, there’s little fuss involved in connecting to your hosted desktop when away from the office. The Windows interface that is displayed in the video is familiar to the majority of office workers so once connected, off you go.

It’s easy to see how much more productive employees can be when away from the office; updating spreadsheets and client data on the go, bringing up documents and webs to impress and sell your products and even a good look round the app store to find iOS apps that can help you to improve your working life and all round organisation.

I like that you can use the iPhone as a mouse, it really highlights the way that Apple integrate their products. Add to this the iTunes store, which despite what many may argue, remains the best on the market and you could be in danger of never wanting to stop work.

After all, along with being able to connect to your work’s hosted desktop at any time, apps that help with time management, brainstorming, reading and even just the ability to surf the web makes this a difficult device to put down.

The iPad mini might be a lightweight in terms of actual size and weight, but with every other feature, so far, it stands well above the competition and can be considered the one to beat. Whilst Amazon and Google bemoaning the lack of the retina screen, we don’t think it makes much difference, especially not as a work tool.

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