The Hosted Desktop – Your Greatest Insurance Policy

Millions of people are dependent on technology. Important data is created and stored on a personal computer, laptop or a handheld device. Anything from invoices, documents, contact details and contracts can are stored on your computer’s hard drive. This important paperwork is vital for running your business. You’re working towards busy deadlines and running a company - the last thing on your mind is to make sure your content is securely backed up.  Meeting deadlines is important. Maintaining a steady and healthy cash flow is crucial for your business.

How would you reaction if you lost all the information that’s needed to run your business? We all want our businesses to be profitable and healthy, right?

The hosted desktop is an asset and perhaps the greatest insurance policy for your business. It’s very important to keep your data safe and secure.

Having your own psychical IT infrastructure is expensive. It’s critical to have multiple back-ups of your work. It’s especially more important, to have your data stored in an additional alternative location. Have you considered using the cloud?

With a GoCloud hosted desktop solution you can make huge savings on delivery and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, whilst focusing on the core areas of business.  Business owners and MD’s are searching for ways to make their workforce more efficient and more productive whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

The hosted desktop provides users to with easy access to a virtual desktop at any time and any place.

The hosted desktop provides flexibility and freedom to suit your needs.