The Benefits & Challenges of Hosted Desktops (Part 2 of 2)

Part two – challenges some companies may face with virtual desktops

When considering deployment of hosted desktops as a virtual desktop reseller, it’s important to understand what each individual client needs and to plan accordingly. This is especially true now, whilst the technology in still in the early stages of adoption, to ensure success for both you and your clients.

For example, if your customer wants to employ hosted desktop applications which are hugely graphically intensive, such as a high use of CAD software, then a virtual desktop may not be the ideal solution for this particular aspect of the customer’s business.

However, that’s not to say that other parts of the company can’t make use of the technology; administrators and call centre operatives who perform specific functions within the business will be the area you, as a GoCloud reseller, need to concentrate on in this kind of scenario.

Despite this, the delivery of rich graphics in the future may be something you can offer when the technology becomes more widely available for virtual desktops to be able offer this. In a recent blog, we reported on the introduction of Kepler, a new GPU architecture from Nvidia, which reduces lag and will introduce more possibilities for virtual environments.

Bearing this in mind, it’s essential to ensure that you maintain a good relationship with clients who use a hybrid set-up, so that you can be the first to tell them how they can take advantage of new technologies as they are introduced.

Of course, this means doing your research when targeting businesses that are going to benefit the most from your GoCloud products, but this is pretty standard practice for any sales and marketing department.

Another consideration is the bandwidth available for remote workers and the speed of the connection they have. Whilst in these days of increasingly superfast broadband you may not think it could create a problem, this isn’t strictly true.

Consider this during the planning process of any project you are working on with a client and decide how best to approach it.

Of course one of the biggest challenges you will face when selling your virtual desktop product to a customer is the misconceptions they themselves hold about the cloud in general.

When you’re dealing with larger companies, the IT department will no doubt be the most enthusiastic, but often, these are not the people you have to convince. Make sure you know the benefits inside out and have answers in place for each question that your client may have.

As many of us know, one of the biggest (and most mythological) concerns that companies have with cloud services is security. Bearing this in mind, ensure that you can answer questions effectively that address these concerns; put together an information pack that address them and follow up once the client has had a good look over it.

Remember, as a GoCloud reseller, you can offer support to your clients 24/7, and all the virtual desktop services that you can offer can be fully branded with your company details, for interface and your website.

It’s possible to offer your customers a comprehensive package; as a GoCloud partner we provide you with full support and training every step of the way to ensure that you and your clients receive the best possible virtual desktop experience.