Run your GoCloud Hosted Desktop on a Mac

For many Mac users it is important to have access to a Windows operating system. Before the launch of Boot Camp or the release of virtualisation software, Mac users had to purchase a Windows based machine. There are three ways of running Windows on Mac:

  1. Using Boot Camp. Since Apple's transition to Intel Processors in 2006, the Mac can run Windows applications with ease. You will need a licensed copy of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
  2. Creating a Virtual Machine with VMware Fusion 3. This Virtual Machine allows you to run Windows based software on your Mac without rebooting. Of course, you require a licensed copy of Windows.
  3. The GoCloud Hosted Desktop. Our Hosted Desktop Solution allows you to run a Windows environment with ease. There's no need to purchase software licenses or copies of Microsoft Office as these are included with the Hosted Desktop. All you require is an Internet connection. Our GoCloud Hosted Desktop are completely isolated and using the top virtualisation software provided by Citrix.
Hosted Desktop on a Mac

Are you interesting in trying the GoCloud Hosted Desktop? Did you know that the GoCloud Hosted Desktop can be accessed by an iPhone, iPad and most smart phones?

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