Reselling Hosted Desktops

If you’re an IT company looking to expand your product portfolio, then it would make perfect sense to consider becoming a reseller for hosted desktops, or Software-as-a Service (SaaS), as it’s also known. Cloud solutions are on the mind of every company at the moment it seems; not only does it make for a more flexible and secure working environment, it saves businesses money. Currently, IT companies are ideally placed to be able to offer cloud-based products to SMEs, as cloud has made IT services much more accessible than they have ever been in the past.

When you become a GoCloud reseller, not only can you brand hosted desktops as your own product, but you can also improve your company profile in the IT business. Offering cloud services ensures that your business operates on the most up-to-date level possible, which improves customer trust as they see you as being fully ‘in the loop’.

It’s not a difficult matter to convince your potential customers of the benefits of hosted desktops; the product has so many great features that it all but sells itself. Of course, as an IT company, you could build your own infrastructure and set-up data centres, but this is not only time-consuming, it’s also expensive and in the current economic climate is that really the ideal solution?

With GoCloud, not only can you budget easily and wisely with monthly payments, you can pass this on to your customer, who may also be worried about capital expenditure when it comes to cloud migration.

Whilst cloud take-up was initially quite slow in the technology’s infancy, this is something that is rapidly changing as businesses begin to understand the potential that cloud offers. Demand is now high and this represents the perfect time for your company to get in on the action.

Whilst many of the selling points are obvious, such as cost-effectiveness and flexibility, hosted desktops have much more to offer that you can help your customers to understand and make an informed decision to buy.

Additional benefit to customers:

  • Flexibility within the workforce: a company’s employees can connect and work from anywhere, on any compatible device, as if they are working from the office.
  • There’s no need for a company to employ a team of IT managers as GoCloud hosted desktops come with full support.
  • A diversity of workstations and devices can be used as the office infrastructure becomes less important.
  • Machines and physical networks fail often and many firms have an insufficient disaster recovery plan in place; this is overcome by using hosted desktop solutions.
  • Growing businesses can easily upscale their IT requirements as their company grows, without having to worry about outlaying large sums of cash.
  • Not only is SaaS cheaper to run than a hardware infrastructure, it also reduces a company’s carbon footprint, something which is becoming increasingly important to every industry across the globe.

In short, hosted desktops and cloud solutions have a number of benefits which can be enjoyed by your company and your clients. Any IT company offering cloud services immediately raise their profile and as you have the ability to brand GoCloud hosted desktops with your own logos, web presence and so on, becoming a GoCloud hosted desktop reseller also gives your company the perfect opportunity to really strengthen your brand and become a serious player within the IT industry.