Reselling Hosted Desktops

As more businesses shift towards cloud computing, some IT companies risk being left out in the cold. Clients naturally gravitate towards convenience and cost savings, and services such as Hosted Desktop offer significant benefits in those areas, so it makes perfect sense to stay ahead. With cloud computing becoming commonplace in the home and moving into the business world at a rapid pace, companies which fail to offer these services are likely to be sidelined. Figures from Forrester via ZDNet indicate that the cloud computing market is currently worth around $41 billion. By 2020, the market is going to explode. Forrester predict that the cloud will be worth $241 billion. Early adopters are already starting to reap the financial rewards of reselling Hosted Desktop to their clients.

For one thing, providing cloud services is a great way to give your company a more forward-thinking image. If clients are asking for cloud services, you’re better to start offering them as soon as you can rather than waiting for the competition to revise their offering. And the two aspects of your service catalogue need not be in competition. By expending into cloud computing, you can offer your clients the choice of a traditional on-site solution or a cloud solution: either way, you retain your profitability, and you retain that client over the longer term. They won’t have to defect to a competitor if they wish to try Hosted Desktop, and you’ll benefit from the security of an additional income stream with very minimal investment. You’ll also still be their first port of call for their other IT needs, such as consultancy and upselling additional services.

Hosted Desktop resellers are not asked to pay anything upfront; there’s no significant cost outlay, no hardware to install and no connections to manage. Even better, there’s no ongoing burden of second line support, so you won’t be spending time configuring, replacing and upgrading.

When you become a Hosted Desktop reseller, you don’t actually need to get involved in maintenance or backups. You just need a client base, you need to be able to explain the benefits Hosted Desktop can bring and you need to provide the kind of basic first line support that you’re already offering. White label Hosted Desktop packages can be branded and customised according to your needs, so practically anyone who has an interested audience can benefit from being a reseller.

Just like cloud technology, reseller packages tend to be scalable so you’re never over-committed.  Your clients will really enjoy having such predictable costs, and a regular income from Hosted Desktop reselling will ensure a steady cash flow to support your business. Providing cloud services is a great way to expand your service catalogue with very minimal impact on the work you already do.