Public Sector Strike Chaos Continues

In the largest strike of this millennium, over 2 million public staff members walk out due to pensions. This highly controversial strike has seen thousands of protesters march through the streets of major UK cities.

Teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants, council workers and UK border staff are many that have been involved in the strikes. It is estimated that the public sector strikes could cost the economy more than £500 million a day.

Not only does this strike have a negative effect on working parents, but on commuters, customers and patients.

Working parents have had to make alternative arrangements with child care. Many working parents are working from home to combat this issue.  Will this issue have an immediate answer? Will there be more strike action to come? We will have to wait and see.

Many businesses will notice a loss in productivity and working with limited staff. Winter is just around the corner, members of staff may need to work from home.

The question is: “Is your business prepared for any potential threats that strain productivity?” Time is a huge asset. Be prepared.  Our Hosted Desktop solution allows you to work from anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.

Has the public sector strikes caused any disruption to your daily routine? We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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James King is the eMarketing Executive for GoCloud Ltd. A Yorkshire based hosted desktop company. We provide hosted desktop solutions for businesses across the UK.
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