Keep your data secure - Head for the Cloud!

Japan has experienced a massive earthquake and tsunami causing devastating consequences across the entire country.  Surrounding nations could have been placed under a tsunami warning. Some businesses are concerned whether their data centres are still in operation from this powerful earthquake and tsunami. Recent news states that most data centres in Japan are operational. Many cloud services are still operational including Amazon Web Services and

Data Center Knowledge are keeping up to date with the status of Japan’s data centres.

For businesses that solely depend on their data to sustain a profit, it’s important to minimise any potential risks and this includes natural disasters. It’s important to keep information safe.

However, Japan’s data centres have earthquake resilient technologies installed. Data centres have a higher level of resiliency compared to your standard office. If your office became a victim of fire, theft, flooring or an earthquake the risk is far superior than keeping your information stored in a data centre.

Protecting your assets is the smartest thing that you can do. How can you protect your data? A hosted desktop can make your files more secure.