iPad Mini and Hosted Desktop

We’ve talked before about Apple’s iPads and how good they are as a communications tool, especially with the in-built Wi-Fi and now the fact that it works with EE’s 4G network, if you have it in your area (if not it’s still 3G compatible). This, for some, will basically mean that you are effectively able to access superfast broadband on the go, and in terms of connecting to the office via a hosted desktop, this is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

So, the team here at GoCloud can confirm that Apple’s latest offering is special, as we received ours last Friday and have been playing with them ever since. I think it’s fair to say that the GoCloud team love the iPad mini.

In terms of workability, the iPad mini has the same specs as the iPad 2, so you can expect good performance and smooth operation, as well as being as aesthetically pleasing as you would expect from an Apple product.

The screen may be of a lower resolution than the Nexus or Kindle Fire, but in terms of quality and screen size, which is surprisingly ample, Apple has won out again. Of course, you can slip any 7” tablet into a pocket or bag and work suddenly becomes extremely portable. I like to think of it as carrying the office around in a similar way that a snail carries its home about (even if it is something of a cliché).

However, whilst the screen may not have the absolute best resolution on the market, the lightness of the device makes up for it. It’s much lighter than competitor tablets of this size, meaning you can hold the iPad mini in one hand for considerably longer.

Whilst yes, there’s competition, many reviews are confirming that the iPad mini is going to win out, not least because of the size of it but also how light it is and the quality of the build. The screen isn’t the retina, but that isn’t really noticeable unless you compare it with a retina screen side-by-side.

All-in-all, we think it’s the perfect solution to taking your work with you wherever you go. With a GoCloud hosted desktop, you can access all of your files directly from the cloud and due to the size of the screen, you can work on it with a lot less messing about than with even the largest smartphone.

This means that you don’t have to be in the office to be able to work; not only does this mean you can work from home, but you can connect whilst on a business trip and update all the details of any transactions you make before returning to the office. This is bound to increase productivity across the board.

Of course, you can use GoCloud hosted desktops with a wide variety of devices, but the size and weight of the iPad mini means that you can travel a lot lighter than you have in the past. No more huge, heavy briefcases to carry around, just a simple cover and a pocket will do the job.

Whilst some cynics are suggesting that the iPad mini was only brought out due to an overflow of spare parts from the iPad 2, it doesn’t really matter. As usual, Apple has developed a product that feels study and of good quality and if they did indeed use spare parts, then that means you’re reducing your carbon footprint even more than when you do just using hosted desktop. Recycling as well as using the cloud; the latter uses green data centres which reduce energy costs and this is becoming increasingly important to many.

Not only this, but by using GoCloud hosted desktop, you can save money on capital outlay, keep your data secure and compliant, reduce insurance costs and as mentioned, increased productivity.

The benefits of a mini when used with hosted desktop then are plentiful; to borrow another tired old cliché, small (and light) is beautiful, and if you can work using such an ultra-portable device whilst away from the office, all the better.