If You’re Not Using A Hosted Desktop Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Do you want you have more money in pocket? Of course you do. Do you want your business to save money on expenses? Well yes, of course you do.  An IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be so expensive and no we don’t have our head in the clouds. Seriously, you can save on your resources and make your business more profitable. We all want a profitable business, right?  If you’re not using a hosted desktop solution for your business, you’ll be kicking yourself now. We’ll discuss some of the great benefits of the hosted desktop.

Hosted desktops provide a high level of flexibility

A virtual desktop provides a high level of flexibility. All you need is an Internet connection to access your hosted desktop. You could be on the train travelling to London and have a few hours to kill. Or you could be working in a coffee shop making changes to a report or document.

Hosted desktops are excellent against disaster recovery

As you’re commuting on the train, you could be unfortunate to have your laptop stolen. It is a possibility. Your laptop may be covered by insurance, however, you’re data is irreplaceable. In addition, if your desktop or laptop has been targeted by a virus or even fire you could lose everything. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to back everything up.

Hosted desktops are convenient

Have you ever needed to work on a document urgently from home and you don’t have access to the file, because it’s on your computer at work? A hosted desktop is your accessible online computer.  All your files are located in the same place making your life easier.

Save money on your IT infrastructure

There’s no need to buy expensive servers and in-house solutions. Your hosted desktop is stored in our secure datacentre. Where we have rock solid security and highly secure data recovery procedures in place.  You’ll save money on insurance premiums, because your equipment is stored in our datacentre.  Hosted desktops are available on a month-to-month basis so there are no long term contracts.

The hosted desktop a wise investment

Are you looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure? Are you looking to save money for your business? The hosted desktop solution has many benefits, plus you are protected against the uncertain. You’ll save a small fortunate by moving to the cloud.