How Your Business Can Be Productive During The Public Sector Strikes

2011 has seen numerous strikes, demonstrations and protests. Wednesday 30th November 2011, sees another strike from public sector workers related to pensions.  It is estimated that over 2 million staff will strike.  Parents will have to make alternative arrangements whilst many schools are closed. UK borders are being control by civil servants and even speculation that the Army will be on standby as well. Although the strikes are related to the public sector, you must consider how this will impact the private sector.  At a time where the economy is so delicate can it withstand another blow?

The Hosted Desktop

Businesses must operate smoothly with minimal disruption. Many parents will be forced to work from home whilst the strikes continue.  Businesses are starting to take advantage of Hosted Desktop technology that allows the user the freedom to work anywhere.

Regardless of the circumstances, whether it is heavy snowfall, strikes, being stranded, riots or even a natural disaster, the Hosted Desktop can save your business huge amount of time and money.

Reliability is crucial. The Hosted Desktop also provides a fantastic contingency plan. Circumstances that are out of your control can have a significant impact for your daily activities and especially in business.

10 Reasons to use the Hosted Desktop

  1. The Hosted Desktop is accessible anywhere in the world from an Internet connection even on a 3G connection.
  2. Your Hosted Desktop includes a 99.99% up time guarantee
  3. No data is stored on your notebook, PC, iPad etc.
  4. The Hosted Desktop operates the same as your Windows desktop machine
  5. 24/7 support is always available
  6. Your Hosted Desktop files are backed up daily
  7. Reduces your carbon footprint
  8. No expensive hardware or software to buy
  9. Lower cost insurance premiums
  10. A flexible month to month solution

Businesses are frequently looking to save money and become more productive. The Hosted Desktop environment can dramatically have a positive impact on your workforce.  Have more control on productivity by reducing external influences that impact your business.