How to keep your data more secure

How secure is your data? Do you have a contingency plan in place? It is crucial to have a data security strategy to reduce any potential risks. Data security is critical whether you are small business or a multi-national company. How much money would it cost your business if there was no data security strategy in place?

How to reduce data loss

Conduct a risk assessment to minimise any potential risks. Consider the number of potential threats in your working environment these include: fire, theft, human error or a power failure.

A hard drive that has been exposed to fire maybe recoverable, however, at great expense and there is no guarantee of a fully successful recovery. It is wise to have your data backed up on multiple secure formats. You can never have enough data backups.

The benefits of hosted desktops

A hosted desktop is a virtualised equivalent of a standard Windows desktop PC. All you need is an Internet connection to gain access to your hosted desktop.

10 reasons why a hosted desktop is an asset for your business:

  1. Your hosted desktop is accessible 24/7 and anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  2. Your hosted desktop is stored in a highly secure datacentre that is monitored by experienced engineers 24/7.
  3. Hosted desktops are backed up frequently to preserve your data in case of an emergency.
  4. The datacentre uses fire suppression systems to extinguish any fires quickly.
  5. In case of a power failure, the datacentre uses diesel generators that can be refuelled even when in operation.
  6. You will save money on IT equipment, energy bills and any future upgrades.
  7. You will save money on your insurance premiums.
  8. Your hosted desktop includes technical support saving you money on outsourcing or hiring IT staff.
  9. Your hosted desktop is supplied with a Thin Client. The Thin Client is a small desktop that relies on technology at the datacentre to operate. You will save office space, money and there is a reduced risk of theft.
  10. In adverse weather conditions, your team can work from home. Making your business more efficient when driving conditions are treacherous.
  11. Bonus reasonhosted desktops can be hired on a month-to-month basis. There are no fixed annual contracts. The hosted desktop provides scalable solutions at an affordable price.

Make sure your data is backed up on a regular basis. Hosted desktops provide an added sense of security and can be used to build your IT infrastructure quickly and efficiently.