How the Cloud provides businesses with value?

Companies are constantly searching for value in every area of their business. Profits are hard to generate, right? From a business prospective it's important to increase profitability. The Cloud revolution is upon us, whether you're aware of the benefits of Cloud technologies or not, it's important that the Cloud provides value. So what are the benefits of Cloud computing? In this article, we will discuss how Cloud technology provides value.

Save money on your IT infrastructure

We all want more money, right? Why buy an IT infrastructure when you can rent one? In today's economy, it makes sense to rent highly secure resources, as you're not responsible for paying for replacement servers and general wear and tear.  Purchasing an expensive IT infrastructure is a huge liability in the terms of cash flow.

Better customer service

Cloud based technologies are highly available for instance: Hosted Desktops and Hosted Exchange are stored in a data centre. This mission critical environment is highly available and massively reduces downtime. A highly reliable solution allows your business to improve customer service, thanks to Cloud based technologies your business can improve productivity which has impact on a variety of areas throughout your business.

Higher levels of productivity

Your workforce could be working from home or anywhere in the world. If your workforce is mobile, having access to files in one primary location saves time and frustration. You'll be surprised how many people have to swap files between machines. This is time consuming and often leads to different versions of the same file.

Reduce your carbon foot print massively

Carbon emissions are a major factor of modern day living. Cloud based technologies is a great way to off-set your carbon emissions. As all your processing power is located in the data centre, you're making your business more environmentally friendly. If you work from home, you're reducing fuel emissions from commuting by car, bus or train.

Cloud based technology revolves around your needs. Making life more convenient and more importantly helping you to increase profitability and use of time.

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