How Hosted Desktops could save your business from getting disrupted by London 2012 Olympics

The city of London is to get jam-packed with intense traffic during the Olympics 2012. The months of July and August will bring more than 20 million extra commuters into the city, which currently has over 3 million passengers a day. Well, it means regular traffic and journeys will go standstill during the period. Anyone who runs an enterprise in London will be anxious of this. There will be a big cut in their productions and businesses because of sluggish daily activities. One solution to this is for staff to use hosted desktops.

What is Hosted Desktop?

A Hosted Desktop is a remotely accessed Windows desktop operating from within a data centre. Staff can access their hosted desktop using a PC or mobile device. The computer or mobile acts as an intermediary between the service provider’s data centre and the company. Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services are used to provide the Hosted Desktop solution.

How it helps during Olympics 2012?

The Hosted Desktop will exceptionally help several industries during the Olympics 2012. It will be almost impossible for all workers to reach at offices during the event due to tremendous traffic. Workers will be late to reach offices and they will have to leave early to get home before the night falls. Hence, enterprises can reach agreements with employees to stay at home and work from their Hosted Desktop system.

Hosted Desktop features

There are many advantages for the Hosted Desktop in managing work from home. The most important one is that the service is accessible from across the globe. There is no need to worry about a possible data loss as well, because data is not stored on any local desktop, but on cloud servers of the service provider. In addition, it reduces carbon footprint of workers, at least because they won’t have to drive their cars to and from their offices.