GoCloud Hosted Desktop on the Apple iPad 2

The GoCloud team have busy working on a number of projects both in the office and off-site. The Apple iPad 2 is currently our favourite communications tool. We're pleased that the GoCloud Hosted Desktop operates smoothly on the iPad. Thanks to 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi access points we can be more productive and more efficient outside of the office. By working directly on the Hosted Desktop, we can access files as and when we need them. There's no need to transfer files from one machine to another - as all of our data is stored and located in one primary location. The Hosted Desktop is stored in the ‘Cloud’ which is also known as a highly secure and resilient Data Centre. Regardless of geographic location you can access your Hosted Desktop at any time.

Many businesses still use Remote Desktops, where the user needs to keep their PC switched on in order to access files.  The Remote Desktop solution can be an expensive solution. Consider the cost in energy bills to keep multiple machines running constantly. In addition, a PC that is constantly switched and used more often will certainly have a shorter life span.

The benefits of moving to a GoCloud Hosted Desktop include:

  • Saving money on your IT infrastructure costs
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Increase your productivity through high availability
  • Significantly lower your insurance premiums
  • Keep your files and data ultra-secure
  • The GoCloud Hosted Desktop is available on your iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone, Mac, PDA, PC and laptop

Increased productivity

By using the GoCloud Hosted Desktop on the Apple iPad, this allows you to travel lightly. Increased battery life means you can use the GoCloud Hosted Desktop for longer. The iPad also has a large touch type keyboard that helps to increase the usability of your GoCloud Hosted Desktop.

iPad users increase your productivity

The GoCloud hosted desktop provides further capabilities for iPad users. If your workforce is constantly on the road, the GoCloud Hosted Desktop allows users to access important files when necessary.