Hosted Desktops – A Lifeline For Your Business

Picture a scene. You run a successful business where you handle lots of confidential data. Your business is running smoothly. Things could not be better. Then one morning, you find that your vitally important computer data is under threat. Perhaps your operating system will not start or even worse you may need to format your hard drive. If you have no data recovery strategy in place, chances are you are pulling your hair out. Prevention is always better cure.  Businesses that are victims of data loss will lose money and productivity.

Businesses require their information to be located in a secure environment that is off-site. It is strongly recommended that businesses have their data stored in a data centre. A data centre is the most secure location for your data.  Every data centre has very strict rules and regulations on security and high availability. The facility is manned around the clock by highly experienced engineers and security guards.

The hosted desktop solution provides a wealth of potential and is the perfect solution for data recovery.

Hosted desktops

A hosted desktop will fully protect your important data. Your hosted desktop is stored in a highly secure data centre.  In the unlikely event of a disaster, you will be prepared and be able to run your business with minimum disruption.

When using a hosted desktop solution you will no longer need to run your own server. All the hardware and software required for your hosted desktop is located in the data centre. The GoCloud hosted desktop provides a wealth of security and high availability. If you are travelling frequently, your laptop is more vulnerable to theft.  All you need to access your hosted desktop is an Internet connection.

By using the GoCloud hosted desktop you are investing in the security and future of your business. Plus you will save money on your IT infrastructure.

Are you in business and interested in a secure environment for your data? Contact GoCloud today for a free demo.