Hosted Desktop Ideal Solution to Olympic Congestion

With the Olympic Games looming ever closer, many businesses will be concerned about the congestion that will be caused in and around London and other cities, and how this will affect the productivity of their workers. This is mostly due to the problems that many employees and even employers may find they have getting to the office, more than anything else. However, this is not something that companies who employ hosted desktop solutions to the workplace need worry about.

Hosted Desktops mean that your employees can access the office from anywhere, including their own home, supposing that they have an effective internet connection, which most people do these days, even in more remote areas. Vitualization may be the answer to many a business’ productivity issues during the games, although they may have to put time-tracking applications in place to address workers who want to actually sit down and watch the Games.

Recent reports in the British press have suggested that VIP traffic which is connected with the games will be given priority in the English capital, forcing other, less important, road users into bus lanes and even more congestion than is usual for London.

The official advice from the Cabinet Office, in their document Preparing your Business for the Games, sets out the problems that businesses may face during the summer. These include problems that staff in certain areas may have in not only getting to work, but finding childcare during the Games and getting their children there too.

With this in mind, it’s advisable for every company who has offices in areas which are likely to be affected to put together a robust plan in order to keep productivity and business flowing. It’s also an ideal time for technology and telecommunications companies to offer hosted desktop services to companies in London who don’t currently have cloud services in place.

With GoCloud’s White Label partnership programme, all cloud services that you offer to your clients have the ability to be fully branded with your business logos. Not only is this the ideal time to become a partner due to the opportunity presented by the Olympics, but recent research has shown that more and more SMBs are now in a position to take better advantage of IT solutions due to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that cloud offers.

During the Games, the Department of Transport (DfT) will launch ‘StepChange’, a week-long experiment which will see many of its Whitehall employees work from home. It’s thought that internet traffic, as well as vehicle, could become so congested in the capital that it could cause outages, which will of course reduce productivity.

However, since many workers don’t actually live in central London and commute daily, this shouldn’t present too much of a problem with them working from home. Hosted desktops allow workers to connect to office applications as if they were at work. Staff can enjoy a travel-free day and avoid the stress of getting to work and simply access all of their data on their home device.

All GoCloud’s hosted desktops are completely secure, both in terms of their physical location and over an internet connection. This means that firms don’t have to worry about their data being kept locally on a home-based computer which may be accessed by various members of a family.

“To keep your business running, you should aim to reduce the need to travel, and make essential journeys at less busy times, or by using different modes or routes,” the Cabinet Office document advises.

Bearing this in mind, businesses need to start planning now in order to ensure as little disruption to their company as possible during the games. This planning should include facilitating home working for employees and should also encompass the idea that deliveries will also be disrupted. This could mean that vital office equipment ordered during the Games will have trouble delivering, as well as documents sent via courier across the city.

With hosted desktops and cloud services however, couriers are no longer necessary and workers can be twice as productive as they may be after attempting to commute and then working in a jam-packed city-centre.