GoCloud’s Weekly Hosted Desktop News Roundup: #2

Cloud investment set to rocket, US Cloud Expo expected to attract 10,000, VMware buy Nicira, Gov’s G-Cloud

According to the Broadband World Forum (BWF), who are set to hold the biggest industry event in Europe come October, “network operator commitment to the cloud phenomenon has reached startling new levels, with investment set to top last year’s record US$13.5 billion”.

In a statement, BWF said that despite Europe trailing in investment in infrastructure, when compared to the USA and Asia, around half of all cloud service operators selling cloud services are in Europe, and are ahead of the game when it comes to launching new cloud services.

This is largely due to network operators in Europe, who strongly support local cloud developers and actively help them to promote their services.

“To secure Europe’s position in the global digital economy, the critical role of European operators as a conduit for young cloud innovators is a pivotal discussion at Broadband World Forum,” explained Camille Mendler, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms.

The upcoming Cloud Summit is to take place in Amsterdam on 16-18th October and will include more than 400 speakers as well as 200 exhibiters.

Silicon Valley Expo to attract more than 10,000

Speaking of expos, a November event to be held in Santa Clara, California is attracting a lot of attention from interested cloud parties. The event is expected to attract around 10,000 visitors this year, from 48 different countries and 200 exhibitors.

This somewhat illustrates the growing interest in cloud services such as virtual desktops, which is rapidly taking off now as companies begin to realise both the benefits it represents to their business, as well as allaying fears surrounding security.

VMware snap-up Nicira

VMware have recently acquired software-defined networks specialists (SDN) Nicira, in order to further push forward with its “virtualized environment” and give even better support when it comes to open standards and open-source technology, which both offer a more fully controlled virtualization infrastructure.

This is great news for SMEs as it highlights the “growing range of options available for the data centre”.

According to some reports, Nicira cost VMware $1.26bn to acquire the additional expertise, which the latter obviously feel is worth it, so that they can further improve the virtualization services that they offer.

“This is an incredibly exciting time at VMware, but also for our collective industry. Customers clearly demand cloud computing, and we can deliver it via the software-defined datacentre,” VMware’s CTO Steve Harrod said in a blog post.

“With this acquisition, we bring together two pioneering teams in network virtualization to accelerate the realization of the software-defined data center and the benefits it will deliver to businesses and service providers alike.”

The acquisition will not only give virtualization customers the options for a bigger range of services, it will also increase efficiency in data centres significantly. For smaller firms, this means that many will have more choice and feel more secure about moving to the cloud.

UK Gov say it’s “It’s Exposé Time” for G-Cloud

The UK government are to set up a series of events aimed at putting together G-Cloud suppliers with “potential public sector buyers”. Whilst the event series was originally aimed at suppliers, it’s been suggested that they should concentrate on buyers instead. This isn’t really surprising when you consider that the buyers are often the ones who are slow to migrate services and infrastructure to the cloud.