GoCloud’s Weekly Hosted Desktop News Roundup

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Cisco come out top on benchmarking

The recently published VMware® VMmark™ 2.1 benchmark results showed Cisco to be the top performer in terms of cloud. This is in part due to the addition of flash memory to their blade servers, which performs better than traditional HDD storage.

The overall score takes several factors into consideration and includes VMware vMotion, Storage vMotion and virtual machine provisioning. Cisco’s total benchmark score came to 11.30@10 tiles using two Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Servers and a Violin flash memory array.

"Because Cisco UCS is a truly unified system, it delivers both virtualization and infrastructure performance,” Cisco said in a statement.

This means that the addition of the flash array can handle workloads and the deployment of applications much faster than HDD arrays.

For more information, the results of the benchmarking tests and configuration details can be found at the official VMware® VMmark™ 2.1 V download here.

Citrix announce Q2 results

Citrix has announced its financial results for Q2 of the financial year and has shown an increase in revenue from $513m at the same time last year to $615m in this 2012 quarter, representing a 16% increase in revenue.

“In Q2, we saw solid growth in an uncertain economic climate,” said Mark Templeton, president and chief executive officer for Citrix.

“So, I’m pleased with our execution, and our strong market positions. As the rapid transformation from PC Era to Cloud Era continues, we’re delivering solutions that make it easy for customers to build new clouds, connect to cloud services, and empower their users to work from anywhere.”

The news comes as no real shock, as cloud-leaders Citrix are really just illustrating the rise in up-take for cloud and virtual desktop solutions with the increase in their figures.

SharePoint 2013 available for preview

Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 is now available to download for preview and has integrated more social aspects into the latest version of the software. The new version, due out sometime next year, also includes better collaboration tools and an extension of its user profiles so that colleagues can track what others are working on.

LinkedIn and Facebook will also be able to be integrated into Office packages without the need for additional downloads, so that anyone who contacts an individual from these social sites will allow them to view their person card and any updates they have recently posted directly from Outlook.

Content will be able to be published directly from any Office application, to allow for easier incorporation with the new version of Office 2013, again, expected to be due for general release next year.

The new app store is also expected to be integrated with SharePoint and this is also thought to be expanding to complement the Surface tablet, due out in October. However, enterprises and some tech experts have been cynical that the tablet will have any use in enterprise, although it would seem to be great news for those that run BYOD schemes.

London Olympics most connected games ever

The much-anticipated London Olympics kick off tonight and whilst, as we reported a few weeks ago, the general infrastructure won’t live in the cloud, according to BT, these are the most connected Games ever.

Whilst BT has installed a variety of solutions to ensure that the UK capital doesn’t come to a grinding halt in terms of connectivity, the network infrastructure itself has been provided by Cisco, which will “underpin the delivery of data traffic” over the BT network.

At peak times, it’s thought that the supply will carry around 60Gbps of data and will be the "most extensive high-density Wi-Fi network in Europe”.

"We’ve been training for four and a half years for this fantastic opportunity,” said Howard Dickel, client partner at the BT London delivery programme. "The key thing from a BT perspective is that for the first time we are operating an integrated network.”