GoCloud’s New Year Hosted Desktop Roundup: 2013

Since we actually gave you a roundup on last year’s happenings at Christmas, this time we’ll be looking forward to what industry experts are expecting from 2013 in the cloud space. Last year saw a lot of divided opinion on cloud; security and compliance woes (or imagined ones at least) stopped many firms from having enough faith in the technology to fully deploy to the cloud. This year we expect to see this wane a little as more and more regulations are introduced, alongside further work from the Cloud Security Alliance to address this.

If you’re considering any form of deployment to the cloud then the above is a great resource for security advice and should help to allay any concerns you have, alongside your provider.

Deployment or Transformation?

According to Enterprise Systems, it’s a common misconception that SaaS apps can be migrated to the cloud. It seems that many enterprise applications will need to be altered to be used in the cloud.

This, they say, is more of a “transformation” than anything else and something we can expect to see a lot more of in the coming year. This is because the cloud naturally doesn’t work the same way in which a physical infrastructure does, meaning that software will have to be adapted in order for it to avoid failure in the cloud.

I’m sure many developers are already onto this and it’s something that should be borne in mind when considering deployment, sorry, transformation.


Well it had to be in there as one of the biggest trends we can expect from 2013, as the market continues to boom and more companies adopt a BYOD scheme. There will be more choice for the enterprise though, as Ubuntu is coming to mobile this year.

Whilst in the consumer market it’s doubtful that Ubuntu will see large-scale adoption, it could be the perfect solution to many enterprises who struggle with mobile management and security worries.

Ubuntu is a secure platform, unlike Android which sees an increasing amount of malware attacks daily at the moment and IT departments will prefer to work with the Linux-based OS than other options, in some cases.

Having that extra choice may just be enough to nudge even more firms into adopting BYOD, especially if they feel there is less of a security threat and more flexibility. As it’s the same as the full Ubuntu OS, this will make a phone or tablet more like a PC with all the same functionality.

Ubuntu works with compatible Android phones where the drivers are already in place to run the hardware and we can expect to see the OS come onto the market sometime this year.

Of course, geeky types like me love Ubuntu and anything Linux so the news should have some IT departments grinning with glee today.

More Cash

Businesses are becoming aware that they can no longer afford to ignore the benefits that cloud offers and according to a recent report from Ovum, this will mean more spending in the IT sector overall in 2013.

SaaS will be the driving force for this, Ovum say, with IaaS and PaaS deployments becoming more popular too, especially the latter.

“A small but measurable shift is occurring in viewing Cloud services as less tactical and more strategic,” the report says.

“We expect the strategic potential of Cloud to take on even greater importance throughout 2013.”

This means good news for vendors it seems, as more partnerships are likely to be formed and vendors will be able to offer consultation services in order to gain an edge on the competition. Take a look at GoCloud’s Partner Programme to see what we can do for you, if you’re an ITC vendor.

Of course there are plenty more predictions circulating around the web and it’s all educated speculation. However, it does seem that cloud will enjoy a bumper year this year, as more businesses wake up to the benefits that it offers.

However, no doubt it won’t be all plain sailing, like every new technology, there’s bound to be complaints, scepticism and failures which can all be avoided with correct planning.

The point is, no matter what the size of your business, the cloud is the future and ignore it at your peril.

Otherwise, give your company the chance for an extra-prosperous 2013 by using cloud services that reduce spending and overheads, as well as giving security and peace of mind.

Happy New Year!