GoCloud - utility computing for SME's

GoCloud is providing a real world utility computing solution. What is utility computing you may ask? Well, we have the answers below:- Utility computing is simply providing computing resources on a metered basis, like electricity, water and gas. We aim to banish large capital cost for businesses by providing a monthly subscription model for all of our clients.

In the past utility computing has been restricted to large multinational organisations that had the resources to rent time on server farms owned by other large multinational organisations.

Utility computing has often been used by specific industries to leverage additional computing power as and when required i.e. retail websites to bolster web server capacity at peak periods (Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays).

GoCloud can now offer virtual infrastructures to organisations from 1 user to thousands of users! get rid of that capital expenditure headache and improve your cashflow.

Get in touch with us to see a demo of the flexibility GoCloud's Hosted Desktop Service can provide your SME.