GoCloud Hosted Desktops and BYOD

Cloud computing is a popular buzzword at the moment, although initial take-up by many companies has been relatively slow. This is due in part to worries over security issues, as well as the technicalities experienced by large organisations when it comes to the migration process. However, if you choose a decent hosted desktop solution, then security worries will become a thing of the past, as all the information you send and receive is encrypted. Another scheme which is rising rapidly in popularity is Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) schemes, which make it possible for employees to use their own technology in the workplace.

This began life with laptops and notebooks, but the explosion of tablet and smartphone devices means that these now have to be seriously considered as a part of a company network. The benefits are fairly obvious; firms can cut IT costs considerably by running a BYOD scheme alongside GoCloud hosted desktop solutions.

Not only does the combination of these solutions with BYOD mean that a business has a substantially reduced outlay in terms of IT equipment, but the flexibility of cloud services means that companies can add and remove desktop services as necessary, as their business either grows or is forced to cut costs. In the current economic climate, this kind of flexibility can be invaluable to a company who has fallen on tough times or wants to free-up revenue to invest into different areas of the business.

Many IT departments worry about the security aspect of BYOD schemes as employees may not always take care what apps they install or links they follow on a social media site. However, these can be overcome by developing a strong policy surrounding the BYOD scheme which addresses what sites can be accessed at work and management of permissions.

It’s not just large corporations that GoCloud’s hosted desktops and BYOD schemes can work for either. The flexibility and low-cost aspects to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and BYOD are creating something of a revolution for SMBs as more and more options become available to them than ever before, with regards to IT.

Often, employees have more powerful machines than might be provided in the office, making for a more efficient working environment. Add to this that the worker can access the office from anywhere and your company has a powerful tool at its disposal which makes for happier workers and employers alike.

If a business really doesn’t like the idea of an employee using their own device in the office, then BYOD can be utilised for working outside of the office and thin clients installed inside. Of course, this incurs additional costs, but can represent the ideal solution for some businesses.

At GoCloud, all aspects of your hosted desktop solution is managed for you and support is available 24/7. Businesses who also want to employ BYOD schemes have an opportunity to add a variety of devices to the workplace including iPads, iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, all of which can access and work with GoCloud hosted desktops and required applications.

GoCloud hosted desktops can run the majority of Windows-based applications as well as others, if you’re not sure about the compatibility of either a BYOD or existing business applications, then contact the GoCloud team, who can offer friendly and expert advice.

As all hosted desktop transmissions are encrypted, with data being stored on servers at our dedicated UK data centres, our hosted desktops are more secure than a desktop PC, so issues surrounding security are not something that should concern.