GoCloud Hosted Desktop News Roundup #15

Symantec & VMware collaborate on cloud, Google takes on Apple, SMBs storm cloud market, Gartner predicts scant IT spending 2013

Security experts Symantec and VMware have joined forces to provide new solutions offering better levels of protection for cloud computing environments. More than 100 integrations with VMware cloud infrastructure have been made with further encouraging SMEs to adopt cloud in mind.

Senior country manager for the Philippines, Luichi Robles told Manila Standard that: “With IT budgets that are shrinking or just holding steady in the Philippines, businesses will want to make the most of their investment in the current infrastructure.

“Businesses have commonly implemented virtualization in non-critical environments due to perceived obstacles such as reduced availability and performance of critical systems. But the real benefits come when enterprises move business critical applications to virtual or cloud environments,”

“Symantec demonstrates an ongoing and consistent commitment to supporting VMware cloud infrastructure and provides valuable resources for organizations looking to expand their virtual environments and move to public, private and hybrid cloud environments,” added Emmanuel Portugal, VMware Philippines’ partner business manager at a press briefing.

This will make for more companies putting faith into cloud solutions as security has always been seen as one of the biggest drawbacks for companies to move into the cloud. However, recent research has found that many companies who have already taken up cloud services report improved security.

Google take on Apple

Google have quietly taken on Apple’s iTunes service this week by “bringing its music matching service to the UK”. The service, Play Scan and Match is already installed on the new Nexus devices launched earlier this week and according to PC Pro it “puts it on a direct collision course with Apple because it allows users to upload all the music from their iTunes library in a manner that could undermine Apple's own Match service.”

The service works by scanning the iTunes or music folder and adds any songs that match across the database to be added to your online library.

"People can upload from any service folder," the Google spokesperson told PC Pro. "People have already paid for the music so they should be able to listen to it anywhere – it’s the equivalent to Apple’s Match, but this is free."

This is obviously a sly dig at Apple’s service which costs users a mere £22 per year. However, I wouldn’t think that would be enough to encourage the loyal Apple fans to switch. Both services are cloud-based and the only thing that differentiates them from the competition is the matching tools.

"The new Scan and Match service streamlines the process of uploading your personal music to Google Play - we’ll scan your iTunes or My Music folder, and any songs that match against our database will be automatically added to your online music library," the company said.

"You can store up to 20,000 songs online, for free, and stream tracks to any device."

SMBs take cloud by storm

As aforementioned, SMBs are the businesses who are currently benefitting the most from cloud computing and continues to gain popularity in the EU and the US due to the benefits it offers in growth and cost-cutting.

IT managers are reportedly finding the technology time-saving as well and small business owners are finding it helpful for both finance and data management.

There are numerous benefits to cloud and SMBs are discovering this all the time. This includes disaster recovery as in-house infrastructures really do find a power outage or hacker attack disastrous. However, with cloud they can feel secure in the knowledge that their data is protected at a separate, more secure location, the data centre.

Another benefit which is featuring largely is the ability to work away from the office and update records on the go. Workers such as travelling salesmen no longer have to wait until they get back to the office to file sales etc. and as well as increasing productivity, they are finding it easier to find stored information too.

Gartner predicts scant spending in 2013

Research analysts Gartner has predicted that 2013 will see “scant growth” in enterprise spending, with global growth increasing by a mere 2.5%.

The leaders in IT spending, Gartner predict, will be in the banking, communications and manufacturing centres, with growth expected to go from $2.603 in 2012 to $2.679 trillion in 2013.

“The global economic outlook has deteriorated in 2012, leading to scant overall growth in enterprise IT spending,” Kenneth Brant, research director at Gartner.

“Our third quarter outlook points to more substantial growth in 2013, if significant fiscal crises are avoided in the US and Europe,” Brant added.

The drive in spending however, will be fuelled by cloud computing, big data and mobile, trends which many have predicted will grow further over the next few years.

“The manufacturing industry’s IT buying centre has adopted tighter IT cost controls amid a myriad of mixed market signals,” said Gartner in a statement.

“IT spending rates are expected to bottom out in 2013 and will be resilient over the long run as business confidence is restored and the value proposition of new technology forces is increasingly championed by senior leaders.”