Get Festive with VMware

Since it’s the season to be jolly, we thought we’d bring you something a little more fun from the world of cloud computing this time, courtesy of VMware. VMware’s Festive Journey is now on day 16, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up to be entered into a daily draw to win prizes, as you learn about the cloud.

You can also visit the VMware official Facebook page for details of past winners and the prizes they have won over the course of December. Every day there’s a chance to win anything from chocolates to gift vouchers, as well as find out what the VMware Elves are up to.

So far there have been a plethora of winners, so why not enter and have the chance to win a geek treat. Of course, the purpose of the site is not purely to give away festive prizes, but also for partners to learn more about VMware and how it works in the Elves’ Workshop.

Resources vary from videos on all aspects of the cloud and even social media and downloadable PDFs for reading at your leisure.

Changing the subject slightly...

Ever had the ‘luxury’ of being snowed in over the winter months and then been unable to get to work? Whilst on the face of it this might seem like a stroke of luck, what happens when you get back to your desk only to face a pile of work that has to be completed to deadline?

This is the perfect time of year to consider becoming a GoCloud reseller as it’s doubtful we’ve seen all the snow we’re going to as yet this winter. However, with the rise of BYOD and hosted virtual desktops, firms don’t have to worry if their staff can’t make it into work, as with a virtual desktop they can connect from home and work happily away.

All they need is to be set up on the system and voila, work can be carried out from home with all of the company resources at their fingertips! Whilst some employees may not find this the perfect solution to their commuting woes, at least they can continue to be productive in a warm environment without annoying the boss.

Bearing this in mind, visit our homepage to watch a short video on how it all works and consider another dimension that offering hosted desktops can add to your business. If you’re an IT or telecoms company, this is an ideal solution to offer your clients as the world of cloud is really beginning to take off.

Partners have access to 24/7 support services, as well as all of the tools that you will need in order to provide you with a winning solution in the cloud computing market.