Employee Training for the Cloud

Whilst cloud take up is on the increase for smaller businesses, it seems that some are neglecting to effectively train staff on how to use their new virtual desktop services. This means that many are not getting the best out of a technology now well-known to be more cost-effective than hardware infrastructures. According to the editor of Smallbiztechnology.com, Raymon Ray, “neglecting training can often mean businesses miss out on opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competition”.

This is because those staff who don’t know how to use applications properly will be less productive, less able to respond quickly to situations as they arise, be they in customer service, sales or other departments in the company.

At GoCloud, not only do we vet all of our resellers to ensure that they are capable of delivering and maintaining a great service to their customers, we also ensure that our resellers are fully trained in order to be able to offer training to clients.

This means that not only are GoCloud resellers fully versed in what aspects of hosted desktops best suit each business they deal with, but they can also go through exactly how it works with selected members of staff who can then pass this training on.

For SMBs, it’s essential that end users are shown how to use applications properly; of course, this isn’t only true of cloud technologies and applications, it’s true of every part of IT used by employees. Lack of staff training leads to confusion and a lack of productivity as muddled members of staff struggle to get their head around something they haven’t been shown how to use.

For resellers, training will cement a relationship with the companies they deal with, especially given that they are encouraged to offer 24/7 support for GoCloud services, just as we at GoCloud do. This support, alongside initial training means that SMBs can really make the most of virtual desktops and run their business more efficiently than before.

Bearing this in mind, it’s vital for resellers to ensure that they help clients with implementing their hosted desktop services properly from inception. Planning is necessary to ensure that the client gets the most out of their service, according to their specific business needs.

Once the plan has been thoroughly discussed and virtualization implemented, staff training alongside rigid support will ensure that small businesses are not getting it wrong and are truly reaping all of the benefits that hosted desktops can afford.

Well-trained staff are also more likely to be able to work away from the office more effectively. This benefits both the company and the employee; the latter often saves money telecommuting if they are working from home and this ‘feel good factor’ increases productivity.

Add to that the ability of an employee to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection and businesses have the ability to branch out and show their product or services to the world in a way that they have previously been incapable of.

Collaboration is also enabled in a way that may not have previously been easy to implement, affording the business even more flexibility, networking and money-saving opportunities.

As most IT experts will tell you, there is so much to be gained from cloud services for companies of all sizes, so long as it’s well planned, implemented and with training in place, virtual desktops can bring a whole new dimension to a business which may have been previously impossible.