Dispelling Virtual Desktop Myths

As mentioned in previous posts, there still appear to be plenty of myths surrounding the use of hosted desktops. Bearing this in mind, we thought we should bring you a selection of the most common misconceptions surrounding virtual desktops and take a look at them in a little more detail.

  • Virtual Desktops are costly to implement

This is absolutely not the case, unless you’re building your very own infrastructure of course, which will require a large amount of capital expenditure. However, using cloud-based services such as those offered by GoCloud, requires no outlay and can be budgeted for easily on a monthly basis.

  • Data not stored locally is not secure

This is a common misconception and one that has no real basis in truth. Application data is fully secured in a data centre which is not only protected against attacks via the internet much more effectively than an on-site storage solution may be, but is also physically protected by security staff at the actual data centre. Furthermore, for smaller companies, hosted desktop data can make the management of compliance much less of a headache, especially if they don’t have a dedicated IT department. All of the data that is sent and received over the virtual network is encrypted and fully secure too.

  • My company can’t work if the internet connection fails

Whilst this is true to some extent, GoCloud and approved resellers can set up and implement a back-up system so that should your connection go down, then there is a solution. Indeed, with virtual desktops, you can actually work from anywhere with an internet connection so you and your staff could, in theory, even work from the pub – though we don’t recommend it!

In addition to this, should you be unable to get into the office due to a major disaster such as fire or flood, then your equipment may be damaged, but your data will remain accessible. Furthermore, you will have the additional peace of mind that all of your data was already backed up to a secure location, so it will not have been destroyed in the event of an emergency.

  • I need special equipment for virtual desktop

Nope. Any PC, Mac, Linux-based machine, tablet or even smartphone can access your virtual desktops; whilst it may be that you wish to purchase ‘thin clients’ in the future, which are more energy efficient, amongst other things, it’s not necessary if your company doesn’t have the funds or doesn’t want to change existing hardware.

Indeed, even if you have older, quite clunky machines, then hosted desktops offer a great way to extend the lives of these, as they can run applications through the GoCloud servers that they may not have been able to on the client machine.

This is because the processing power, RAM and storage are all provided by our servers and as such, enable you to connect any machine to the virtual network.

  • I can’t use my own applications on a virtual desktop

To some extent this will depend on what the application actually does; whilst most apps can be added with no problem at all, some will struggle, such as CAD and video-editing software. However, this won’t always be the case as technologies are changing rapidly and we at GoCloud move with the times.

Whilst many more myths surround the cloud in general, we’ve covered some of the more common ones here – should you have any further worries or concerns about the power and flexibility offered by virtual desktop environments, then do contact your reseller or ask us here at GoCloud, we’ll be only too happy to help.