Coming Soon! GoCloud Academy for Partners!

GoCloud Academy
GoCloud Academy

At GoCloud we understand that our partners are not working in the best economic climate. We’re always willing to help though, so we’ve decided to give our partners a boost by introducing the new GoCloud Academy. We want to ensure that you sell not just your hosted desktop services, but all of them. So, whether you’re a technology, telecommunications or IT business, we can help you to increase sales across the board, at no extra cost!

GoCloud Academy is intended to help your business by providing specialised support for those in the technology industry. All partners are eligible for membership, there’s no hidden costs and no catch.

Not a GoCloud partner? What are you waiting for? Not only can we help you to sell our hosted desktops, but we’ll help you with all aspects of your business. We’re peopled by staff with technical know-how, as such GoCloud Academy offers IT centred business support which you won’t get from marketing agencies.

All of our directors have a technical infrastructure background, including our Marketing Director!

Why sell hosted desktops?

Almost everyone has heard of cloud services by now. Hosted desktops offer smaller businesses the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with the big boys, when it comes to their IT requirements.

Our servers and network infrastructure are all owned by us and are housed in dedicated data centres which are secure and reliable. Becoming a GoCloud partner gives your business the opportunity to offer hosted desktops to your customers, so that they can work from anywhere and always be connected to the office.

Many people think that hosted desktops are expensive; this isn’t the case. They can be used on a pay monthly basis, with no long term contract, in order to ensure that the solution is flexible and scalable. This suits the majority of businesses as they don’t have to worry if their company should grow or shrink. Hosted desktops are a perfect solution to today’s fragile economy.

GoCloud hosted desktops offer:

  • Flexible working – work desktops can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Cost savings
  • Support available 24/7
  • No capital outlay
  • Green technology – something which is increasingly important to businesses and their customers

What does the GoCloud Academy offer me?

Some of what's on offer:

  • Ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Ideas for Sales & Marketing strategies
  • Free whitepapers on how to boost your sales
  • White label templates, presentations, videos, etc.
  • It’s free to all partners!

GoCloud Academy is at your disposal as soon as you sign up to become a partner. Once you’ve joined you will receive a FREE white label marketing kit, along with regular ideas and tips for marketing your business.

We know what works for our partners, they tell us so that we can pass that knowledge onto you. We will share our ideas and recipe for success, not only for selling your GoCloud services, but all of them, including other products you may sell.

GoCloud Academy will be officially launching later this month, so why not take advantage of our hosted desktop partner programme and sign up today.

We don’t need to tell you that cloud is the future of computing, it’s already arrived.