Cloud Computing and The Hosted Desktop Explained

There's still some confusion in the business world as to what cloud computing and the Hosted Desktop actually are – so we thought we would run through the main benefits on our blog. Lots of people think that because they can already access their work remotely, they can already do what a hosted desktop can do - but these two ways of working are completely different from a technological point of view and there are so many more advantages to working via a hosted desktop!

Applications like “Go to my PC” or “My Workspace” are remote control applications rather than cloud computing. Working “in the cloud” offers better cost savings to companies and is much more secure in terms of data protection. Data is stored in a data centre rather than on an individual’s desktop or laptop, so if a desktop or laptop was damaged or stolen, no private data would be lost because it would be safe “in the cloud” in the data centre. Using remote control applications still means data is stored on the computer itself. People no longer need a VPN client to gain access to their work data. All they have to do is click on an icon on their desktop and they are instantly connected to their work station as if they were actually in the office, sitting at their desk. It makes flexible working hours so much easier for employers to offer. It also means there is no disruption to business when staff can’t make it into the office. They might need to stay at home to look after their sick child who can’t go to school that day – or it might be because of really bad weather, like the heavy snow we had last month which crippled many businesses.

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) warned at the time that the severe weather conditions could cost businesses £230 million per day if they didn’t take steps to allow staff to work from home. That figure was based on one employee per company being off for one day and not working.

Using a Hosted Desktop also makes sense financially. There are no set up costs, in terms of hardware. You pay a monthly fee per user, which includes 24/7 IT support, so businesses can budget for IT costs, rather than pay per hour for IT support, and because all you need is a basic computer or a “thin client”, you use less energy so save on energy bills – and you reduce your carbon footprint!

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